November 6, 2008

A New Whitepaper By The Radicati Group and CommuniGate Systems Shows How Service Providers Can Profit From Hosted Unified Communications Services

By the year 2012, the market volume for Unified Communications as software-as-a-service (SaaS) will quadruple. According to predictions of The Radicati Group Inc. in their latest whitepaper, yearly sales will rise from today's $6.9 billion up to $28.7 billion. The report sponsored by CommuniGate Systems shows clearly how service providers can benefit from this potential. Value Added Services such as Unified Communications not only generate additional revenues from business customers, but they also increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.

SaaS offerings can bring even the most sophisticated technologies within the reach of small and medium businesses at an affordable price. UC as SaaS is increasingly presenting an attractive way for companies of all sizes to reduce costs and simplify administration, while deploying new technologies at a fraction of the cost of in-house deployment.

The whitepaper looks at how Service Providers can best leverage this emerging market opportunity for UC delivered as SaaS. It is important for Service Providers to focus on identifying the right platform supplier from the start, preferably one that offers a fully integrated solution, designed from the ground up to be a UC platform for Service Provider use. By choosing the right platform on which to build value added UC services, Service Providers can ensure higher margins and position their businesses effectively for future growth.

Key considerations for a SaaS platform include:

 --  Choosing a high-density carrier grade platform --  Choosing a multi-tenancy technology --  Extreme Reliability (99.999%) --  Modular Class of Services --  Mobile access --  Web 2.0 delivery      

By 2012, the number of subscribers for SaaS based Unified Communications will also increase dramatically: Radicati predicts a triplication of the recent 46 million up to 136 million users. The analysts recommend service providers to employ a high-performance solution that provides high density and an integrated architecture. A multi-tenant platform allows providers to virtualize potentially thousands of business subscriber customers in one system image with low operating expenses.

"We are convinced that service providers who are joining the SaaS market will quickly realize the ARPU potential and loyalty of subscribers to the Value Added Service offering of Unified Communications. In the current situation, it is easy to build up a strong customer basis and to achieve increasing sales -- best prerequisites for being a consolidated market leader," states Sara Radicati, CEO of The Radicati Group. "Service providers gain competitive advantage with a Unified Communications platform that is able to provide Value Added Services for communication like VoIP, VideoMail or video on demand."

"Especially in the SME segment where there are limited IT budgets and IT recourses, Unified Communications as SaaS provides an ideal solution for the business to reap immediate benefits," explains Jon R. Doyle, VP Business Development, CommuniGate Systems. "CommuniGate Pro offers the only really integrated Unified Communications platform that enables service providers to seamlessly expand from five to 50 million subscribers in a single system image and easily add new Value Added Services with its rich development environment and APIs."

CommuniGate Pro is based upon a Multi-Tenant and a Dynamic Clustering architecture providing a high-density solution with live change management features for SaaS providers. CommuniGate Pro makes it easy for service providers to offer business class services with costs that decline as virtualized client volume increases. CommuniGate Pro's Mobility Suite with AirSync offers push services as well as a secure synchronization between PIM (Personal Information Management) data, a mobile device and the CommuniGate Pro Unified Communications platform. Access to the mobility features can be established via mobile operator networks including 3G and EDGE, and of course at the office or home on WiFi networks.

Please visit for a free download of the Whitepaper "Unified Communications as a Software as a Service (SaaS) Opportunity" by The Radicati Group Inc.

CommuniGate Systems' Flash-based Web 2.0 client Pronto! including mobility with AirSync can be trialed for free at

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Founded in 1991 and based in Mill Valley, California, CommuniGate Systems develops carrier-class Unified Communications and media delivery software for broadband and mobile operators to deliver value-added services and SaaS solutions. CommuniGate Systems delivers powerful mashups of Unified Communications technology mixed with media and entertainment applications for portals, social networks, enterprises and mobile communities. CommuniGate Systems is revolutionizing the Unified Communications industry with a unique Flash-based client framework Pronto! bringing together all forms of communication and breaking the leash to the desktop with Web 2.0 mobility.

CommuniGate Systems is the first choice in technology solutions for over 12,000 customers with over 130 million subscribers unifying e-mail, collaboration, IM, presence and VoIP with a single identity. The Unified Communications platform provides flexibility, performance, and scalability with benchmark proven architecture remaining unchallenged in the industry. Our technology powers OEM partner products ranging from embedded real time systems to powerful unified messaging platforms at top tier global network operators. The open development environment's simple APIs deliver extensible flexibility with a unique clustering technology for 99.999% uptime for the most demanding application environments.

The company is a trusted and financially stable vendor, maintaining the highest customer satisfaction levels in the Unified Communications industry with over 175 members in its partner network worldwide.

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