November 7, 2008

Blinkx Forms Partnership With ExitReality

blinkx, an advanced video search engine, has formed a partnership with ExitReality, a company that helps users view web pages in three dimensions.

According to blinkx, through the partnership with ExitReality, it has developed a space for viewing and interacting with online video.

Users of ExitReality will now have access to millions of hours of internet video to view and share in 3D spaces.

blinkx users who download the ExitReality browser plug-in can experience a special 3D-enhanced version of Visitors will also be able to deck out their own virtual environments on popular social networks, creating and sharing their own 3D virtual worlds.

Rather than creating a virtual world in a silo on a website, ExitReality has developed a novel technology that transforms the entire two-dimensional web into a 3D universe. Internet users who download ExitReality's browser plug-in can view their favorite web pages as 3D spaces, with rooms to explore, games to play and items to interact with, as well as meet and chat with their friends and people with the same interests.

Danny Stefanic, founder and CEO of ExitReality, said: "ExitReality adds a new dimension to the online experience. 3D is a large part of the future internet. It will enable immersive shared experiences on countless sites. In addition, blinkx's massive library of free, on-demand content is now especially relevant as users look for creative and inexpensive opportunities to connect with friends and family. As virtual world technologies progress, consumers and businesses will adopt and adapt more and more ways to integrate existing products, services, and social networks into the 3D sphere."