November 10, 2008

ISYS(R) Search Software Announces Release of ISYS:Web 9

ISYS(R) Search Software (, a global supplier of information access and discovery solutions for mining intelligence and corporate knowledge, today announced the arrival of ISYS:web 9, the company's next-generation enterprise search solution for intranets, websites, Microsoft SharePoint and custom web applications.

ISYS:web 9 offers customers several major enhancements, all designed to deliver the speed, efficiency and accuracy required to find information fast. More importantly, ISYS has expanded its content mining capabilities using predictive and reliable methods that help customers better understand their content. Through its Intelligent Content Analysis, ISYS notes key characteristics about a content collection, such as metadata patterns and entities, and leverages these facets in the interface to provide a more fluid search and discovery process.

"The great challenge in enterprise search today is in helping customers understand their content before they even type a single query," said Scott Coles, chief executive officer, ISYS Search Software. "ISYS:web 9 builds on its core information access strengths to deliver practical and reliable content mining solutions for richer discovery and analysis. As a result, ISYS provides customers with automatic insight into their content collections prior to query time, along with a set of intuitive tools for refining and pinpointing relevant information as they iterate through the knowledge discovery process."

ISYS' Intelligent Content Analysis manifests itself in the form of several parametric search and refinement options. At index time, ISYS notes aspects like entities in the full text (e.g., names, locations); commonly recurring metadata values in semi-structured and database formats; location of files; dates and numbers; and position of words. These characteristics are then exploited, either as a front-end interface for parametric search, or as refinement options within search results. ISYS:web 9's capabilities also include:

-- Intelligent Query Expansion. Designed to give users greater context and avenues to pursue, Intelligent Query Expansion offers suggestions based on your query and the document. For example, a search for "SharePoint" might suggest "SharePoint search web part."

-- ContextCogs are snippets of relevant and contextual information pulled from third-party sources and displayed alongside standard ISYS results. When a search is executed, the query is also passed to each registered Cog, which could include enterprise-level applications, Internet search engines or Active Directory Contacts.

-- Intelligence Clouds enable rapid navigation of key information. The Cloud is displayed as a collection of search terms and phrases, with the various terms shown in larger or smaller fonts depending on their density within the index.

-- Improved Performance and Scalability. ISYS:web now handles most search requests concurrently with a higher throughput. Additionally, we've increased index capacity from 24GB to 384GB per index. With indexed data representing, on average, 10 to 20 percent of the total data size, ISYS can now index 2TB to 4TB of information per index.

-- Search Form Customization. ISYS now offers both automatic and designable search forms. For automatic search forms, users point the wizard at their indexes and ISYS creates a search form automatically by analyzing the content and structure of the information. ISYS also offers a point-and-click method for creating forms for searching structured information.

-- Index Biasing. In an effort to expand ISYS:web's tuning capabilities, ISYS now provides administrators with the ability to adjust the weighting on entire collections of documents. This option enables an organization to further tune relevance to suit specific use case scenarios.

-- De-Duplication. ISYS automatically identifies identical documents and either removes them from the results or visually marks them. This capability is of particular importance to legal professionals conducting discovery work, or any user attempting to conduct analysis of a given content collection.

-- ISYS:web Federator allows customers to federate their searches across both ISYS and non-ISYS content sources. ISYS:web displays results from each source separately, allowing users to navigate between the sets of results without compromising relevance.

-- Exchange Indexing. Particularly important for responding in a timely manner to discovery requests, ISYS:web enables administrators to centrally create and manage individual indexes for each user's email account. Administrators can also opt to make these indexes available to end users, relying on Active Directory permissions to ensure users can only search the email indexes for which they are authorized.

ISYS has sustained significant momentum in recent weeks, thanks to several key wins and announcements. In addition to recently appointing Scott Coles as its new CEO, ISYS has also secured three major competitive customer wins within the last 30 days and launched a new website to support its new direction and focus (

About ISYS(R) Search Software

Established in 1988, ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of information access and discovery solutions for mining intelligence and corporate knowledge. The company's award-winning software suite offers a broad range of search, navigation and discovery solutions for desktop search, intranet search, SharePoint search and embedded search applications. ISYS has been deployed by thousands of organizations operating in a variety of industries, including government, legal, law enforcement, financial services, healthcare and recruitment.

ISYS serves its global base of customers via operations in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. The company's customers include the International Data Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Boeing, Autodesk, EMC Corporation, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Miami Police Department, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton, LLP, HP/TOWER Software, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Justice. Additional information can be obtained by phone at 800.992.4797 and via the Web at

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