November 11, 2008

Intel Xeon-Based NEC Express5800 Scalable HA Server Achieves New World Record TPC-E Benchmark Performance

NEC Corporation today announced that on November 6, 2008, its recently released Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor-based "NEC Express5800 Scalable HA Server" achieved the fastest performance on the TPC-E benchmark.(1)

The world record performance, 1,400 tpsE (transactions-per-second in TPC-E), achieved by the NEC Express5800/A1160(2), outperforms the previous record by 12 percent and also has a 9 percent improvement in price performance at $ 1,190.24 USD/tpsE.(3)

The NEC Express5800/A1160 features state of the art NEC server technology with an up-to-4-box-capable building block structure powered by the Intel Xeon X7460 processor and high speed interconnect "HSI technology." The server combines both the high-scalability and high performance that are required in mission critical systems.

This industry-leading benchmark was achieved with Microsoft(R) Windows Server(R) 2008 and SQL Server(R) 2008 running on the server hardware, which served as the database server, and NEC's innovative Enterprise Modular Storage D3-10 functioning as the database storage system.

NEC's achievement of this world-record benchmark with its new NEC Express5800 Scalable HA Server has solidified its industry-leading performance. Drawing from NEC's rich heritage in mainframe computing, the NEC Express5800 Scalable HA Server also has the reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features required to meet the increasing demands of business-critical applications. NEC is committed to providing mission critical database system solutions with NEC Express5800 Scalable HA Server products, their advanced performance and rich RAS features.

  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Performance Results ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Throughput           1,400.00 tpsE Price/Performance    $ 1,190.24 USD/tpsE Availability Date    December 31, 2008  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Measured System ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Database Server      NEC Express5800/A1160 Processor            Intel Xeon processor X7460 (2.66GHz/16MB L3 cache) Number of processors 12 Number of processor cores enabled       64 Number of processor threads enabled     64 System Memory        384GB Data Storage         NEC Storage D3-10 OS                   Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Datacenter x64 Edition Database             Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise x64 Edition  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 

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(1) TPC-E is a new-generation industry-standard benchmark that is designed to be broadly representative of modern OLTP systems. The benchmark simulates a brokerage firm with customers, accounts and holdings, where customers trade stocks and monitor their accounts and the market.

(2) Product reference to a model in the North American market. A 3-box configuration was used in this benchmark.

(3) Source: Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC).

As of November 06, 2008: NEC Express 5800/A1160, 1,400.00 tpsE, $ 1,190.24 USD/tpsE, Availability Date December 31, 2008; IBM System x3950 M2 1250.00 tpsE, $ 1,311.26 USD/tpsE, Availability Date: August 30, 2008. Both Availability Dates are those for the North American Market.