November 11, 2008

ETF.Com Offers Powerful New Tools for ETF Investors

SEDONA, Ariz., Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- has just released a powerful new set of research tools specifically designed for exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These free tools allow investors and financial planners to quickly and easily discover and research ETFs listed on U.S. exchanges. The site also has up-to-date ETF industry news and a searchable database of article archives.

While provides no direct investment advice, the site empowers users with information to successfully navigate the wide variety of options now available through exchange-traded funds. Tools on the site include a quick search directory, an advanced screener with a side-by-side fund comparison feature, advanced charts, and detailed fund profile pages.

The quick search directory offers predefined "one-click" searches that match the most popular searches for ETF information such as gold, emerging markets, or large cap funds.

The advanced screener allows users to search for ETFs that meet important investment criteria across twenty different variables. For example, a user can find all ETFs that have a certain maximum expense ratio and specific minimum assets within a particular sector, and compare them side-by-side to each other against important financial measurements.

The advanced charting feature gives users a powerful way to chart the history of an ETF and analyze it using fifteen different indicators such as relative strength and MACD.

The profile page provides detailed information on each ETF and allows an in-depth understanding of the ETF's investment policy and the top ten sectors, companies, and countries associated with the fund.

Industry-wide, ETFs continue to gain in popularity with individual investors as well as financial professionals. According to National Stock Exchange, Inc., ETF trading volume during October, 2008 totaled nearly $3.3 trillion, representing a record 38 percent of all U.S. equity trading volume. At the end of October, 2008, the number of U.S. listed ETFs totaled 716, compared to 603 listed products one year earlier.

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