November 11, 2008

Sprint Customers Get Instant Links to Mobile Information With 2D Barcode Solution From Scanbuy

We're all familiar with barcodes seen on just about any product imaginable - they make checkouts faster in grocery stores and often eliminate the need for individual price tags. Now a new type of barcode can make life simpler for Sprint customers seeking information. 2D barcodes are simple, black and white images, but each one is packed with a unique interactive experience in the form of data, Web links, MP3s, video streams, personal profiles and more. Sprint (NYSE:S) today announced that customers can use select Sprint phones to instantly unlock valuable information from 2D barcodes with the launch of ScanLife(R) from Scanbuy, Inc., a global leader in mobile marketing solutions.

Barcodes give quick access to info and eliminate need to type in Web addresses

Picture a magazine ad with a 2D barcode in the lower right corner. Using the ScanLife application, Sprint customers can scan the barcode and be sent to a Web site on their Sprint phone that might contain pricing, availability and additional product information, and more. For example, a 2D barcode appearing on a movie poster can deliver Sprint customers to a Web site with information on the film, movie locations and ticket prices when scanned with the ScanLife application. This eliminates the need to type Web addresses or search for content by keywords.

"Sprint is excited to launch Scanbuy's 2D barcode technology, which combines with the speed of the Now Network to give our customers a new way to access information they want the instant they want it," said Len Barlik, vice president of wireless and wireline services for Sprint. "Mobile barcode scanning promises to help customers quickly get to information and services."

ScanLife is available on more than 30 Sprint phones ... and counting

The ScanLife application is immediately available to download on more than 30 Sprint camera phones, and Sprint plans to make ScanLife available on additional camera phones in the coming weeks. Sprint data subscribers can easily download the application for no additional charge by going to the mobile Web on their Sprint phone, selecting Downloads and typing ScanLife in the Search box, or by typing in the phone's mobile Web address bar. Users can also receive the application download information by texting 'SCAN' to 70734.

Marketers, advertisers and individuals can create 2D barcodes

2D barcodes can be placed by companies or individuals on any physical media, such as print advertisements, signs and digital displays. Content creators, including advertisers and media providers, can register to use the ScanLife Code Management Platform at to easily create 2D barcode campaigns. Additionally, any individual can use the platform for free to create personal 2D barcodes that link to their contact information or social networking sites. Soon customers might find 2D barcodes on everything from bus shelters to magazine ads to business cards. To see examples of 2D barcodes on signs, billboards and more, visit and click Examples.

"Sprint's support of this technology represents a huge development in the wireless industry," said Jonathan Bulkeley, chief executive officer of Scanbuy. "Marketers and content providers now have a way to link any physical media directly to mobile content. Sprint has been a fantastic partner, and they are clearly committed to this technology."

To help drive usage, the CTIA, the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, has joined with wireless carriers to sponsor and support common code scanning technologies. Sprint's launch of ScanLife complies with the industry initiative.

Scanbuy, based in New York, has already deployed the service in Mexico, Spain, France, Denmark, and the Philippines. Its mobile application is available to millions of camera phones around the world across all major operating systems.

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About Scanbuy

Scanbuy is the leading global provider of mobile marketing solutions that use the camera phone as the link between the physical world and the digital world. The ScanLife client application and Code Management Platform are revolutionizing the way media companies, marketers, handset manufacturers and carriers around the world provide information and services to consumers on their mobile phones.

Founded in 2000, Scanbuy has a strong and growing intellectual property base in 2D barcode technology. The company's investors include Longworth Venture Partners, Masthead Venture Partners and Hudson Ventures.

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