November 11, 2008

New Edge Router Will Provide Faster Internet Speeds

A newly developed edge router is expected to improve Web speeds as consumers download movies online and access the Internet with mobile phones.

Cisco Systems Inc., the creator of the edge router, forecasts Internet traffic will nearly double every two years through 2012.  The network equipment makers said the ASR 9000 edge router would provide six times the capacity of competing products from rivals like Juniper Networks Inc.

Edge routers are placed at the periphery of a service provider's network and closer to the actual user.  In numerous cases it is the meeting point between wireless and wireline networks, and used by cable and phone companies to deliver Web access to mobile phones or IPTV (Internet protocol television) services.

The ASR 9000 will come in six and ten slot versions with a starting price of $80,000.  Several U.S. and European service providers are already testing the product.

The vice president of marketing for Cisco's worldwide service provider marketing organization, Suraj Shetty, said companies could use the router to manage networks more efficiently.  Companies selling video-on-demand services could store videos at the edge of the network rather than at the core, meaning faster downloads for consumers and less pressure on the overall network.

He said solid demands are expected despite the weak economy.

"The ASR 9000 provides all kinds of efficiency," he said, "and that's exactly what customers are looking for."


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