November 11, 2008

Callpod(R) Introduces the Drone(TM), The World’s Most Powerful and Versatile USB Bluetooth(TM) Adapter for PCs & Macs

CHICAGO, Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Callpod, Inc., an emerging leader in the mobile electronics industry introduces the Drone(TM), a plug and play VoIP and Bluetooth stereo USB adapter for PC's and Mac computers. In the past year, Callpod, introduced several innovative award-winning products including the Chargepod(R), a well-received 6-in-1 portable gadget charging solution, the Dragon V2 Class 1 Bluetooth headset and Phoenix Mobile Conferencing System, a Class 1 Bluetooth mobile conferencing system. The Drone, which was created from die-cast zinc and high impact polycarbonate for strength and durability, seamlessly switches between Bluetooth headsets and headphones and can connect to any PC or Mac computer via USB port. It has an operating range of 100 meters. Its combined features surpass any other Bluetooth USB adapter ever created.

Skype(TM) and VoIP Calling

The Drone is perfect for use with Skype and other VoIP users using a Bluetooth headset that don't like to be tethered to their laptop, Mac or PC. The Drone allows users to roam around at home or at the office freely up to 100 meters away.

Listening to Music on Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

In addition the Drone allows music lovers the luxury of listening to their favorite songs without being attached to a wire. It allows multi-taskers to take on chores, play video games or just sit and relax. The drone can Cleary and efficiently stream and control music via iTunes, CD, Windows Media Player or any other computer based audio sources using the same 100 meter range.

High-Speed Data Transfer & Printing to Bluetooth Printers

The Drone also has advanced features to support data transfer for use with Bluetooth printers and other peripheral devices. For example users can transfer data to and from their computer via the iPhone, Palm Treo or any other Bluetooth cell phone or PDA. It can be used with Bluetooth photo printers and cameras, enabling the user to transfer and print and transfer photos. In addition users can transfer data from PC to PC or Mac to Mac etc. Again, the Drone(TM) transmits this data up to a range of 100 meters allowing the user to have their Bluetooth peripheral devices in a separate room.

"The Drone was designed to surpass anything in this category ever created. We wanted the Drone to be strong, elegant and easy to use. We did not want to put the burden on the consumer of dealing with complicated CD ROMs and computer settings. You simply plug in the Drone and it's ready to go." said Darren Guccione, Callpod CEO and co-founder. "Whether you listen to music, make phone calls via Skye or want to print utilizing a range of 100 meters, the Drone is the simple answer."

Drone to Dragon V2 Power

The Dragon V2 can be used with the Drone, which allows users to freely roam around the home or office up to 100 meters or 328 feet. Dragon V2 headset was designed for Bluetooth mobile phones, PDAs VoIP products and computers. It gives users the powerful combination of unparalleled range and superior sound quality. Dragon V2 can connect to a PC for Skype(R) calls and allows users to switch between the PC and mobile phone with a press of a button.


The Drone is currently available for $49.95. For more information please visit

About Callpod

Callpod is an emerging technology company that has created and patented unique audio conferencing and content sharing technologies for wireless consumer electronic devices and cellular telephones. It creates innovative software and mobile devices for three global product categories: Power, Wireless Headsets and Mobile Conferencing. For more information please visit

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