November 12, 2008

Micro Focus Further Evolves COBOL With Launch of Data Access Tools

Micro Focus(R) (LSE.MCRO.L), the leading provider of enterprise application management and modernization solutions, today launches Micro Focus Database Connectors and Micro Focus XDBC, two powerful tools that improve COBOL data access and underline the importance of data management in major organizations. Both complement Micro Focus' market-leading COBOL development and deployment solutions in the Microsoft Windows, and Open System Linux/Unix operating environments.

Database Connectors bridges the gap between COBOL and SQL, providing a transparent interface for COBOL programs to relational database management systems. Database access is automatic and transparent to the end user, meaning vital data can be seen instantly from previously inaccessible sources. Its innovative interface also allows customers to benefit from relational database technology without the significant time and expenditure required to re-write applications or re-train staff.

Micro Focus XDBC is a data management system which incorporates COBOL data into a relational database-like environment. It allows users to access their COBOL data from any Open or Java Database Connectivity-compliant application using SQL (for example using SELECT, VIEW or JOIN) which offers a multitude of possible front-ends for data, ranging from popular desktop software such as Microsoft Office to internet-based solutions. This means users can access and manage data as they would with popular business intelligence tools. Micro Focus XDBC facilitates real time data access, giving decision-makers access to up-to-date information from their COBOL databases.

Both Micro Focus XDBC and Micro Focus Database Connectors follow previous Micro Focus products in extending enterprise agility, and in expanding modernization capabilities for users of COBOL, ensuring that the world's most widely-used code continues to bring value to organizations worldwide. By increasing data management capabilities, both products can help IT managers develop new functionalities quickly, while avoiding risky re-writing processes and costly training intiatives.

"Micro Focus Database Connectors and Micro Focus XDBC will open new doors for our customers, expanding the limits of what can be done with their existing IT resources", said Stuart McGill, CTO, Micro Focus. "Business data is a key source of insight and competitive advantage to any organization, so improving its availability and manageability is of paramount importance."

Micro Focus Database Connectors and Micro Focus XDBC are available November 30, 2008.

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