November 12, 2008

Spain’s Serenamail Licenses Commtouch Email Security Technologies to Improve Performance

Serenamail(R) and Commtouch(R) (NASDAQ:CTCH) today announced that Serenamail is integrating Commtouch's Anti-Spam and Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection into its managed service offering.

"We decided to license Commtouch technology for fighting spam and malware since we wanted to eliminate false positives for our customers," said Carlos Tico, general manager of Serenamail. "Our customers are pleased by the high level of accuracy demonstrated by Commtouch Recurrent Pattern Detection(TM) technology. They do not have to worry about checking their spam quarantines for mistakenly blocked messages."

New schemes are constantly being employed to enable spam and malware messages to bypass traditional content-based filtering methods. Recent spammer innovations reported in the Commtouch Cafe blog include hiding spam and malware messages within legitimate-appearing messages such as CNN daily top ten, MSN Hotmail or Google Adwords. Commtouch RPD(TM) technology protects against today's threats and those of the future, regardless of new spam tactics, since it relies on the basic nature of spam - its delivery en masse.

"We see a trend of email protection solutions gradually augmenting their technologies with Commtouch RPD, since it increases security and performance," said Ido Hadari, Commtouch's vice president of international sales & business development. "We are pleased to be working with Serenamail to provide highly accurate email defense solutions for their managed service customer base."

Serenamail is a leading managed security service provider in the Spanish market, targeting small and medium businesses, enterprises and Internet Service Providers with its solutions.

About Serenamail

Since 1999, Serenamail has been a leader in Spain in providing managed security for enterprise communication systems, including protection from spam, viruses, phishing Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and Denial of Service (DoS). Serenamail is a fully owned subsidiary of Pricewin Networks. For more information, see

About Commtouch

Commtouch(R) (NASDAQ:CTCH) is the source of proven messaging and web security technology for scores of security companies and service providers, founded on a unique datacenter-based approach. Commtouch's expertise in building efficient, massive-scale security services has resulted in its patented technology being used to mitigate Internet threats for thousands of organizations and hundreds of millions of users in over 100 countries. Commtouch's Data Centers automatically analyze billions of transactions in real-time to identify new spam, malware and zombie outbreaks as they are initiated. Commtouch's unmatched suite of security offerings - anti-spam, virus detection, reputation and zombie intelligence services - work together in a comprehensive feedback loop. Commtouch was founded in 1991, is headquartered in Netanya, Israel, and has a subsidiary in Sunnyvale, Calif. For more information and real-time statistics and trends, see: and the Commtouch Cafe blog at

Recurrent Pattern Detection, RPD, Zero-Hour and GlobalView are trademarks, and Commtouch is a registered trademark, of Commtouch Software Ltd. U.S. Patent No. 6,330,590 is owned by Commtouch.