November 12, 2008

New Springpad Online Notebooks Help You Survive the Holiday Season

Spring Partners today announced the introduction of springpad a set of free online notebooks for people to organize, share and tackle life's tasks and events. springpad is perfect for the holidays, offering a convenient way to keep track of all your meals, parties, travel and gift buying.

With the holidays just around the corner, limited time and dollars add to the stress of trying to get everything done. springpad helps to keep you organized and current by providing automated access to many of the Web's most popular mapping, reservation, recommendation and commerce services like Google, Amazon, Open Table, Yelp and more.

"We also appreciate the useful insights and advice that bloggers and publishers provide, and springpad makes it easy for people to interact and apply that advice to how they personally manage their lives," said Jeff Janer, CEO, Spring Partners. "We really want people to get a feel for how quick and easy it can be to get things done even at this very busy and stressful time of year."

One of the first springpads available is designed for meal planning. Whether you have your own approach or want some help, our weekly meal planner lets you:

-- gather recipes from your favorite sites

-- automatically generate shopping lists that you can share and reuse

-- capture advice, tips and insights from your favorite web sites

-- build your own springpads to customize and share with friends and family

"I love to share my recipes and personal inspirations with my readers," said Rachel Rappaport, whose blog Coconut & Lime features 100 percent original recipes and is one of the web's most popular recipe sites. "I am always looking for ways to give my readers that something extra based on my experiences. I look forward to creating some springpads of my own that can make it easier to find my recipes, create a shopping list of ingredients, and share my knowledge with the online community."

Spring Partners will be rolling out additional springpads for a variety of life events including home remodeling, wedding planning, fitness tracking and parenting topics, among others. In addition, the company is encouraging people to create their own springpads and share them with the springpad community.

springpad is free for everyone and available now at

About Spring Partners

Spring Partners is a software company dedicated to harnessing the power of the web to simplify people's lives. The company's first product, springpad (, is a free set of online notebooks that help people organize, share and tackle life's tasks and events. springpad also helps bloggers and online publishers to extend their expertise by making it easy for their readers to interact and apply insights and advice. Headquartered in Boston, the company was founded in 2008 and is venture backed.