November 13, 2008

IBM to Develop New Enterprise Integration Platform for Mitas

IBM and Mitas, a European tire manufacturer, have signed an agreement under which IBM will create a new enterprise integration platform based on service-oriented-architecture for Mitas.

According to IBM, the new platform will enable integration of SAP ERP 6.0 system and other enterprise applications. It will also streamline application alignment and management, shortening the time necessary for change deployment. Other benefits of the new platform at Mitas include cost savings through efficient system administration. The contract was signed in September 2008.

This agreement follows a successful cooperation between IBM and Mitas earlier in 2008 when IBM and its subcontractor, Inter-Informatics, implemented a new electronic information application called the Tire Information System (TIS) for Mitas. The IBM solution, implemented in the first half of 2008, is an integral part of the production of Mitas off-road tire production, supporting the tire development lifecycle, processing data on utilized materials and generating workflows for specific machines and activities.