November 13, 2008

Verari Systems Incorporates Newest Quad-Core AMD Opteron(TM) Processors in BladeRack 2 X-Series Platforms

Verari Systems, a premier developer of independent blade-based computing and storage platforms for the data center with the highest density, availability, and energy efficiency in the market, today announced that its highly scalable BladeRack(R) 2 X-Series blade server platforms, and select rack-optimized servers, can now be upgraded to incorporate the new Quad-Core AMD Opteron(TM) processor. Featuring significant enhancements to AMD's industry-defining native quad-core microprocessor technology, the choice of incorporating AMD's newest server processor can help Verari's enterprise customers to adapt and respond in a dynamic business environment and to scale as their business demands require without altering existing data center infrastructure.

"Many customers are moving to virtualization solutions to run multiple applications per server," said Dan Gatti, senior vice president of worldwide market operations, Verari Systems. "The enhanced Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor incorporated into Verari's product line of robust data center consolidation solutions offers a compelling choice for next-generation IT infrastructures seeking to optimize virtualization and makes an ideal platform for a more flexible IT environment."

More than just four cores, Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors feature Direct Connect Architecture, which means processors are directly connected to one another as well as the memory banks and the I/O subsystem, helping reduce bottlenecks inherent in traditional front-side bus architectures for superior performance.

"The combination of Verari's innovative server technology and AMD's industry-defining processor technology has long helped customers to improve server density while enhancing performance and energy efficiency," said Patrick Patla, general manager, Server and Workstation Division, AMD (NYSE: AMD). "The enhanced performance-per-watt and memory capabilities of the new Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor add significant benefits to Verari's compute and storage arrays. AMD is proud to work with Verari as they continue their tradition of setting the standard in enterprise computing."

With rising demand for high-performance servers and storage in numerous market sectors including oil and gas, service provider, entertainment and financial services, Verari works closely with its customers to help develop "green data centers" that deliver more energy-efficient processing performance and storage capacity with the highest levels of availability and reliability.

Verari's product management team has announced that AMD's newest Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors are immediately available in select BladeRack 2 X-Series blades and rack-optimized solutions.

About Verari Systems

Verari Systems, Inc. is the premier developer of energy efficient data center and desktop consolidation platforms utilizing independent blade-based compute and storage solutions that are defining a new era in the green data center. Verari Systems is a market leader in blade storage and energy efficient platforms. Organizations such as Virgin America, Morgan Stanley, Wachovia, Akamai, Microsoft, Qualcomm, CGGVeritas, Petrobras, Harris, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Sony Imageworks, as well as top universities and research institutions worldwide, are among the customers who have chosen Verari Systems' line of award-winning high density blade storage and servers, rack-optimized platforms and software solutions. To learn more about Verari Systems and its unique solutions, please visit or call (888) 942-3800.

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