November 13, 2008

AdviceTopia.Com Provides Psychics and Astrologers With Opportunities to Display Knowledge to Earn Trust

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's turbulent economy, many people are finding themselves out of work and looking for additional ways to make money. For many looking for ways to make a residual income, the Internet has provided numerous employment opportunities. By providing astrologers and clairvoyants with the opportunity to reach potential clients from around the world, AdviceTopia has made it possible for many people to maintain a regular income by working online or from home.

In addition to providing astrologers and psychics with a forum for reaching a greater number of clients, AdviceTopia has also recently launched a new area on the site that allows advisors the opportunity to set themselves apart from other providers. Psychics and astrologers can now add blog posts and articles to their profile page in order to demonstrate their knowledge and build trust with their potential clients.

"Our hope is that this new service will benefit everyone involved," said Alina Ruigrok, CEO of AdviceTopia. "First, our psychics and astrologers can demonstrate their abilities and form relationships with potential clients. At the same time, the articles and blogs posted by our advisors will also help our site visitors select the advisor who best suits their needs."

Astrologers may also post free horoscopes in order to build interest with potential customers. By taking advantage of these features, psychics and astrologers can differentiate themselves from other advisors and can improve their chances of building a successful business on the site.

"We understand how difficult it can be to start a business, particularly in today's economy," continued Alina. "That's why we wanted to do everything possible to help our advisors make their businesses more successful."

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