November 13, 2008

NEC Establishes ExpEther Consortium

NEC Corporation, a Japan-based provider of broadband network solution, has established the ExpEther Consortium, an organization which will promote next-generation interconnection technologies that are used in a variety of systems, including servers, PCs, network equipment, embedded systems and others.

Members of the consortium include Keio University, Hyogo University, Advanet, Altera Japan, Flowgic, iD, Inventure, Nethra Imaging, Marubun Corporation, TechRev, Themis, Tokyo Electron Device, Paltek Corporation VirtualLogix, XILINX and NEC Corporation.

ExpEther is a virtualization technology for servers and network equipment that was first launched in 2006. The system integrates two standard computer and network interfaces, the PCI Express (PCIe) and ethernet.

The consortium will encourage demand for ExpEther by providing information on the technology's specifications, white papers, and application notes. The consortium will also introduce information on members' activities related to ExpEther, such as the release of an evaluation board, test system, IP, FPGA/PLD, ASIC, Endpoint I/O, ethernet switch, and more.