November 13, 2008

NET2BE Partners With PacketTrap to Bring Leading Network Management Software to Africa

NET2BE Limited, a provider of high-quality IT consulting solutions and services to small and medium organizations as well as larger enterprises, has selected PacketTrap Networks ( as its premiere network management software vendor. PacketTrap is a leading provider of network monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation solutions that are affordable and easy-to-use.

Starting immediately, NET2BE will offer the PacketTrap Perspective platform to organizations that require a comprehensive, scalable solution to monitor and manage all routers, switches, servers and applications. The Perspective offering supports NET2BE's commitment to provide the best industry-leading solutions that are tailored to its customers' budgets and needs.

"One of the main reasons why we chose to offer PacketTrap products to our African customers is the very competitive pricing policy that they have; PacketTrap simply has the most affordable products to perform network management tasks. On top of that installation is as easy as it gets and IT staffs can master the products faster than any other solution we've seen," said Jean Maurice Prosper CEO of NET2BE Limited.

"The Perspective Network Management solution was tested vigorously by NET2BE's engineers and we were very pleased with its performance," said Joel Pascal, Head of Marketing and Sales for NET2BE. "The software enables IT administrators to easily manage their network, including virtualization and VoIP, while providing excellent visibility into critical areas such as traffic analysis. "

"We are delighted to add NET2BE to our list of worldwide partners and are certain that our solutions will serve their customers well," said Steve Goodman, CEO of PacketTrap Networks.

Major businesses found in Mauritius Island are already using and testing PacketTrap pt360, a specialized tool for network engineers to diagnose and troubleshoot network issues. They are also using PacketTrap Perspective, a network performance monitoring software enabling network professionals to see exactly what issues are affecting general network performance.

About NET2BE Limited

Nettobe Limited is a Network Management & Security solution provider bringing to the Indian Ocean and Africa the top notch network solutions that are needed to assist the new "Networked Economy" and the businesses that form integral part of it. Nettobe Limited has offices in Mauritius Island and Johannesburg (South Africa); this allows the easy distribution of our products and solutions in the Indian Ocean and the whole African Region. Visit our websites at or

About PacketTrap Networks

PacketTrap Networks is a leading provider of enterprise-level network management solutions that are effective, easy-to-use, and affordable. The Company's solutions empower network administrators of single and multi-site networks to easily troubleshoot, remediate, monitor and diagnose network problems. Both of PacketTrap's products, PacketTrap Perspective and pt360 Tool Suite, have received rave reviews from the IT community and are known for their ability to solve even the most complex network problems from a single interface. The Company is based in San Francisco, California. Visit the Company's website at or blog at