November 14, 2008

Lewis Realty Advisors Announces Formation of Acquisition Counseling Network to Serve Public Agencies

Lewis Realty Advisors, the nation's leading eminent domain advisory firm, has announced the formation of its nationwide Acquisition Counseling Network.

The new unit will deliver comprehensive management of real estate acquisition services for public agencies, utilizing its national network of seasoned real estate professionals, to ensure timely right-of-way delivery on budget.

"The Acquisition Counseling Network counsels and coordinates the tasks of appraisers, land planners, construction cost-estimators, safety experts, right-of-way agents and relocation agents," said David Lewis, founder of Lewis Realty Advisors. "This approach results in significant savings for our clients and reduces their managerial responsibilities."

Lewis Realty Advisors, founded in 1961, has worked throughout the United States, counseling in thousands of eminent domain cases involving numerous expansions of transit, energy and communication corridors and many other public growth projects.

"Expertly determining the property's market value and delivering just compensation to property owners is vital in eminent domain programs. Our firm emphasizes accurate assessment, presentation and understanding of market value from the very beginning," said Matthew Deal, co-managing consultant of Lewis Realty Advisors. "The resulting just compensation and its presentation have been positive and recognized as fair to both sides in the large majority of our government clients' acquisition programs."

As the nation's leading eminent domain firm, Lewis Realty Advisors and its team of seasoned professionals that manage the Acquisition Counseling Network have a long history of demonstrating the expertise to coordinate appraisers and the myriad of experts needed for complex property acquisitions.

"The creation of the Acquisition Counseling Network is already attracting the attention of agencies that recognize the advantages of a market-value oriented, cost-effective and streamlined management program," Deal said. "Simply put, this allows governmental entities to partner with competent professionals and effectively outsource their right-of-way acquisition and eminent domain efforts."

As it expands this program nationally, the Acquisition Counseling Network will, when necessary, work in conjunction with colleagues from the Counselors of Real Estate, the highly respected counseling association affiliated with the National Association of Realtors. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Deal have served as leaders in the Counselors of Real Estate, an elite 1,100-member association.

"The taking of property through eminent domain is a complex event, and to obtain an accurate assessment of a property's market value or to create alternative solutions requires the use of experts in their specialized fields," said Mark Sikes, co-managing consultant for Lewis Realty Advisors. "Our team has the experience and resources to manage these complementary disciplines."

Sikes recently completed a significant real estate counseling and appraisal program involving hundreds of commercial properties impacted by the $2 billion widening of the Interstate 10 freeway in Houston.

Lewis Realty Advisors team members managing the Acquisition Counseling Network are currently involved in several substantial public acquisition programs for the Uptown Development Authority of Houston and the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas, which is expanding its light rail system across the city of Houston. Both of those large property acquisition efforts have been advancing impressively.

Lewis Realty Advisors, a Houston-based company, has provided counseling and appraisal advisory services for governmental agencies and private property owners throughout the nation for almost 50 years. For more information: