November 20, 2008

Digital TV An Easy Switch For UK

In Britain, digital television is spreading faster than France, Canada, the U.S., Germany, Italy and Japan, according to UK communications regulator Ofcom.

Research found that 86% of homes in Britain can now receive digital on their main set, 30% have digital video recorders.

Ofcom says British consumers pay less than other countries for TV, mobile phones and broadband.

Also, the report found that people in Ireland send the most text messages.

Last year, the Irish sent nearly twice as many text messages as people in the UK and spent an average of 179 minutes on their cell phones each month.

The International Communications Market report found that the U.S. was leading the way on internet use, spending an average of over 15 hours a week online.

The UK was second for surfing at just under 14 hours a week.

The digital switchover in Britain must be completed by 2012 when the analogue signal will be turned off for good.

The first town to switch was in 2007 in Cumbria.

Ofcom says British customers get a good deal on technology, particularly where they purchase a "bundle" of television, phone and internet subscriptions from one provider.


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