December 3, 2008

MySpace Video Goes Mobile

On Wednesday, social network site MySpace announced it will offer mobile access to streaming video on cell phones.

The service will allow mobile users to access the site at m.myspace.com via their cell phones to view any video offered on MySpace, including content from TMZ, National Hockey League, National Geographic, The Onion, and College Humor.

"Video is a natural next step for us in mobile," John Faith, vice president and general manager of Mobile for MySpace, said in a statement. "MySpace will continue to grow our video library as we increase delivery channels in order to keep pace with our users' accelerating desire for video consumption."

Clips will be free to users, and supported by advertising. User of devices such as the BlackBerry Bold, Palm Centro, Motorola Q9, LG Voyager, Nokia N95 and Samsung Instinct will be among the first to gain access to the mobile service.

"These are the big guys doing it, and they're going to make some noise about it," said David Card, a media analyst at Forrester Research who called it a medium-sized deal in terms of significance. "Mobile is one of those things where people keep saying, 'Is next year going to be the year of mobile'?"

MySpace already owns mobile apps for Apple Inc's iPhone and Research-In-Motion's BlackBerry Storm.

Videos will be supported by RipCode to allow real-time streaming to handsets with differing screen sizes.

"As the volume of video grows and the number of mobile devices supporting video continues to expand, companies have to find alternative solutions to deliver content to their customers across multiple screens," Brendon Mills, CEO of RipCode, said in a statement.

MySpace, one of the world's largest online social networks, plans to support mobile video downloads in the future, a spokeswoman said.


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