US Companies Welcome Plans for the Symbian Foundation

December 4, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO, December 4 /PRNewswire/ — At the Symbian Partner Event
today, the initial board members of the Symbian Foundation welcomed the
latest supporters of the Symbian Foundation initiative. More than 500
delegates are in San Francisco to learn more about the future of Symbian OS
and its associated ecosystem, including plans to establish the Symbian

“Global support for the planned foundation continues to grow,” said Teppo
Hemia, VP of Mobile Chipset Platforms Business Unit at ST-NXP Wireless, on
behalf of the initial board members. “Today’s announcement brings to 64 the
number of organizations that have endorsed our plans and share our vision of
building the most proven, open and complete platform for mobile innovation.”

“We are delighted with the response from the Silicon Valley community, as
well as from developers around the world, to the plans for the foundation to
build on the leading open mobile platform,” said Lee Williams, nominated
Executive Director of the Symbian Foundation, a keynote speaker at the
Symbian Partner Event. “Companies in Silicon Valley are among the most
innovative in the world and it is good to see such strong support from the
US. Our plans to make the platform available in the first half of 2009 and to
have distributions available under the Eclipse Public License by June 2010
are clearly enhancing its appeal to developers, solutions providers and
network operators. We already have strong US based representation with AT&T
and Texas Instruments as initial board members. Today AOL, Intrinsyc, and
Xenient join the previously announced US based supporters including ARM,
Broadcom, EA Mobile, Freescale, Marvell, Red Bend Software, TapRoot Systems,
T-Mobile US and Visa.”

Today’s announcement includes support for the Symbian Foundation plans
from six more companies; AOL, Cell Telecom, Intrinsyc, ISB Corporation,
Trusted Logic and Xenient have added their endorsements to the 58 other
companies already announced.

“AOL welcomes plans for the formation of the Symbian Foundation and the
open source release of its platform,” said Jai Jaisimha, Vice President of
AOL Mobile. “As a leader in the online media and advertising space, AOL is a
strong proponent of the role of open APIs and open source technologies as a
key enabler for the emerging open mobile ecosystem. AOL believes that open
source initiatives such as the Symbian Foundation and AOL’s Open Mobile
Platform will be critical to the creation of a vibrant ecosystem in the
mobile space. We look forward to working with the developer community and the
Symbian Foundation to co-create the next generation of mobile content and
application experiences for the benefit of consumers.”

“Cell Telecom, a UK based subsidiary of Fujitsu Services, applauds plans
for the formation of the Symbian Foundation. This bold evolutionary step will
unify the platform and encourage accelerated innovation and increased
customer satisfaction within the mobile industry,” said Stefan Fager,
Managing Director of Cell Telecom. “This standardisation of the Symbian
Foundation platform will help by reducing time to market, widening the
marketplace for applications and reducing testing costs. We expect to be an
active member of the foundation, bringing our expertise in applications
development, tools development and testing in this environment.”

“Intrinsyc is excited to welcome and support plans for the Symbian
Foundation – an organization we expect to grow the ecosystem around the
foundation’s platform and extend the most popular advanced phone OS across a
wider range of devices,” said Andrew Hurdle, VP of Strategy, Intrinsyc. “We
are the only Symbian Competence Centre based in North America. As a trusted
professional services and software company, Intrinsyc intends to leverage our
strong Symbian OS development expertise to support the foundation and all its
members in creating the next generation of mobile devices built on the
foundation’s platform, driving exciting new user experiences.”

“ISB Corporation welcomes plans to establish the Symbian Foundation and
looks forward to the software platform being available in open source,” said

Itsuo Wakao, President, ISB. “ISB has engaged in Symbian OS terminal
development for ten years and provided application, middleware and driver
development, testing solutions, development support tools, training services
and technical publications mainly for the Japanese market. We expect to
contribute to the new unified Symbian Foundation platform unified by joining
the foundation and leveraging our expertise in development and testing, for
the benefit of our customers and other members.”

“Trusted Logic welcomes plans to create the Symbian Foundation and to
establish an open source platform. We believe this is a key milestone in
expanding mobile services offerings,” said Philippe Dubois, Director BU
& Consumer Devices at Trusted Logic. “Since its creation,
Trusted Logic has focused on providing security components and expertise for
open OS architectures, enabling deployment of sensitive services. Trusted
Logic will work with Symbian Foundation members to enable device
manufacturers to increase security levels with lower cost and faster time to

“Xenient is excited about plans to create the Symbian Foundation,” said
Xenient co-Founder and CEO Regan Coleman. “Xenient has been focusing on
Symbian OS in the North American market for several years and anticipates
increasing demand for training and consulting in the US, Canada, and Latin
, as developers here recognize the business opportunity that the
Symbian Foundation platform will offer.”

Since plans for the Symbian Foundation were announced, hundreds of
organizations have registered their interest in joining the foundation via
the website at http://www.symbianfoundation.org.

As previously announced, the plans for the establishment of the Symbian
Foundation and royalty-free licensing of foundation software are:

1) The acquisition of Symbian Limited by Nokia, completed as planned in
fourth quarter, 2008.

2) Software assets are contributed to the foundation, including Symbian
OS(TM) and S60 by Nokia, UIQ technology by Motorola and Sony Ericsson and
MOAP(S) by NTT DOCOMO and Fujitsu.

3) This contributed software will be available under a royalty-free
license to foundation members from the first day of Symbian Foundation
operations, expected during first half, 2009.

4) The foundation will work to unify the platform, with the first unified
foundation release expected in 2009.

5) The foundation will work to make the platform available in open source
by June 2010 (two years from the Symbian Foundation announcement).

Notes to Editors:

Further information about the Symbian Foundation is available at

Symbian and all Symbian based trademarks and logos are trademarks of
Symbian Software Limited. The operation of the proposed Symbian Foundation
remains subject to regulatory approvals. Until such approvals are obtained,
and the Symbian Foundation has become fully operational, Symbian Software
Limited retains exclusive responsibility for all licensing and marketing
activities related to Symbian OS.

About the Symbian Foundation

On June 24, 2008, mobile industry leaders announced their intent to
create the Symbian Foundation, with membership open to all organizations. At
the same time, Nokia announced its offer to acquire Symbian Limited, which
closed as planned during fourth quarter 2008. Following the close of the
acquisition, Nokia will contribute Symbian OS and S60 software to the
foundation. Sony Ericsson and Motorola will contribute technology from UIQ
and DOCOMO and Fujitsu have indicated their willingness to contribute MOAP(S)

The contributed software will be available for all foundation members
under a royalty-free license, from the foundation’s first day of operations,
expected to be during the first half of 2009. From these contributions, the
foundation will then provide a unified platform with a single UI framework.
The foundation will make selected components available as open source at
launch and then work to establish the most complete mobile software offering
available in open source.

The foundation’s platform will build on Symbian OS, today’s leading open
mobile software operating system with more than 250 million mobile phones
already shipped by multiple vendors across more than 250 major network
operators and with tens of thousands of third-party applications already
available for these devices.

The foundation software licensing model and governance has been selected
to secure transparency, encourage contribution and maintain platform
consistency. The foundation will promote collaboration, contributions and
active participation and will operate as a meritocracy. Device manufacturers
will be eligible for seats based on number of Symbian Foundation
platform-based devices shipped, with the other board members selected by
election and contribution. Only one seat will be available per organization
on the board of directors and each of the councils.

SOURCE Symbian Foundation

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