December 9, 2008

Omega Unveils New Chip To Offset Mobile Phone Radiation

Omega Pharma, a Belgium-based health products distributor, unveiled its E-waves phone chip on Tuesday, which the company says will counter potentially harmful radiation emitted from mobile phones.

The announcement comes a day ahead of the product's formal launch on Wednesday in Belgium, where the chip will sell for 38.95 euros ($50 USD).

Omega is a sizeable stand-alone OTC company, and sells non-prescription medications such as sun tan lotions and pregnancy tests to pharmacists. Hopes are high for sales of the new chip, which offsets electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones.

In testing, the chip lessened symptoms such as concentration loss and headaches that might be linked with mobile phone use. Omega said the E-waves chip also eliminates the body's heating effect produced by electromagnetic radiation.

Omega will initially have 30,000 chips available, but said it can easily ramp up production for foreign markets. The company has exclusive international distribution rights, and will begin selling E-wave in other countries early next year.  

"If we need 10 million, then we'll go for that," Omega's CEO Marc Coucke told Reuters.

Omega also has plans to launch three similar devices designed for use in the home, connected to a computer and in the car.

Coucke and the scientists who developed E-wave point to growing evidence of a link between mobile phone use and the growth of tumors.

"It's like smoking. Eventually we reached a point where the health impact is widely acknowledged," Coucke said.

Nevertheless, scientists across the world remain divided on whether or not there is such a risk associated with the use of mobile phones.

Omega competes with the over-the-counter arms of industry giants such as Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, as well as consumer products groups such as Procter & Gamble.

Omega ranks itself 11th in its market.  The company is primarily active in western Europe, but is making inroads into eastern European markets as well.

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