Bluetooth SIG Executive Director Named Wireless Influencer of 2008

December 9, 2008

BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Bluetooth Special Interest Group
(SIG) Executive Director Michael Foley, Ph.D., has been named one of the top
wireless influencers of 2008 by RCR Wireless. Foley was recognized for his
significant impact on the wireless industry and his efforts to change how
business is done today through Bluetooth wireless technology. The award
celebrates a productive 2008 for the 11,000 member strong association, and
paves the way for a successful 2009 with two new versions of the Bluetooth
specification to be unveiled.

The trade association shows no signs of slowing down in 2009 and under
Foley’s leadership, the Bluetooth SIG expects both Bluetooth low energy
wireless technology and Bluetooth high speed wireless technology to be brought
to market. Bluetooth low energy technology is projected to initially enable
personal sensors in sports, fitness and medical devices. Pedomoters, heart
rate monitors and blood pressure sensors will track and send any measurable
information wirelessly via Bluetooth low energy to laptops, phones or watches.
Bluetooth high speed technology will enable streaming video, large data
transfers and bulk synchronization of applications between trusted devices
without the need for wires, revolutionizing the personal area network and
facilitating a complete, wireless entertainment solution.

“2008 marked the 10 year anniversary of this global wireless standard –
to be recognized for the work we have done to bring this excellent technology
forward is a great way to ring in the new year,” said Foley. “The success of
the Bluetooth SIG lies with our 11,000 member companies who are continually
working to improve the technology, qualify unique products and bring new
versions of Bluetooth technology to market. In a time when we need to do less
with more, Bluetooth technology will help consumers capture the convenience
that was in their devices all along — and will be in even more in 2009.”

Foley’s accomplishments with the Bluetooth SIG have been recognized over
the last several years across many industries. In 2008, the Bluetooth SIG
earned a Stevie Award for Most Innovative Company in Europe and Foley was
named as an Executive of the Year finalist for the EE Times ACE Awards. He
has previously been awarded the Telematics Leadership Award and been called on
as a wireless expert for a segment on The Today Show.

About Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology

Bluetooth wireless technology is the global short-range wireless standard
for personal connectivity of a broad range of electronic devices. The
technology continues to evolve, building on its inherent strengths –
small-form factor radio, low power, low cost, built-in security, robustness,
ease-of-use, and ad hoc networking abilities. More than nine new Bluetooth
enabled products are qualified every working day and 18 million Bluetooth
units are shipping per week. There are over two billion Bluetooth devices in
the marketplace and that number climbs daily, making it the only proven
wireless choice for developers, product manufacturers, and consumers

About the Bluetooth SIG

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), comprised of leaders in the
telecommunications, computing, consumer electronics, automotive and network
industries, is driving development of Bluetooth wireless technology and
bringing it to market. The Bluetooth SIG includes Promoter group companies
Ericsson, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia and Toshiba, along with
over 11,000 Associate and Adopter member companies. The Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington, U.S.A. For more information
please visit http://www.bluetooth.com.

The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned
by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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