Intrepidus Group Experiences 100 Percent Growth as More Than 60,000 Employees Have Been Trained Using PhishMe – Industry’s First Proactive Anti-Phishing Software Solution

December 15, 2008

NEW YORK, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Intrepidus Group, a leading provider of
information security services, today announced that it has experienced record
sales and customer adoption for its PhishMe(TM) product, a software solution
that enables user awareness training to proactively thwart spear phishing and
whaling attacks. Further demonstrating Intrepidus Group’s tremendous success,
the company also announced the addition of ex-eBay security guru, Robert
(aka RSnake), to the company’s technical advisory board.

PhishMe has quickly become an invaluable defense against spear phishing
schemes. Since its launch in July, PhishMe has been adopted by several
Federal Agencies and Fortune 1000 companies across multiple vertical market
sectors including Financial Services, Healthcare and Defense Contracting. In
the last four months, more than 60,000 employees have been trained, using
PhishMe, to identify and thwart spear phishing attacks and thus, significantly
reduce cyber crime.

“The fast-growing and ominous threat of spear phishing and whaling attacks
puts organizations at significant risk as cyber criminals use email-based
‘social engineering’ to gain unauthorized access to corporate systems and
confidential data,” said Rohyt Belani, CEO of Intrepidus Group. “The best
protection is human defense. Through real-time, interactive training and
education by example, organizations can rely on their employees for detection
and resistance to protect against spear phishing schemes that costly anti-spam
or phishing filters often miss.”

Robert Hansen, a renowned security blogger and former Senior Global
Product Manager of Trust and Safety at eBay, has joined the Intrepidus Group’s
Technical Advisory Board to work closely with the Intrepidus management team
to provide strategic guidance on the future direction of the company’s
PhishMe.com product. Hansen is currently the CEO of SecTheory, a premier
provider of information security consulting services. He is a frequent
speaker at the industry’s top conferences including events hosted by the
Anti-Phishing Working Group.

“Intrepidus Group has created a tremendously valuable and proven solution
to build a human firewall of protection against the threat of spear phishing
attacks,” said Hansen. “Companies who leverage the non-intrusive PhishMe
solution see immediate value in the protection of their corporate systems with
a low up-front investment. It’s a revolutionary approach to solving a very
real and growing corporate threat. I am eager to participate more closely in
the future direction of their product.”

“Robert’s understanding of the threat landscape and his experience with
anti-phishing technologies will be a great asset to our company,” added

About PhishMe

PhishMe is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed to help
prevent damage, theft and loss caused by targeted (spear) phishing attacks.
PhishMe facilitates and automates the execution of mock phishing exercises
against employees, provides clear and accurate reporting on user behavior, and
most importantly provides instant, targeted employee training. This method of
delivering training materials is recommended by SANS and found to be most
effective by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

About Intrepidus

Intrepidus Group is a leading provider of information security consulting
services and software solutions. With offices in New York City and the
Washington DC metro area, the company offers innovative solutions to help
clients build employee awareness around common information security issues.
Intrepidus Group’s consultants also conduct hands-on assessments of critical
applications, networks and products to uncover vulnerabilities, and provide
strategic and tactical recommendations to address identified issues.

Intrepidus and PhishMe.com are trademarks of Intrepidus Group. All other
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