December 17, 2008

Dell Slashing Costs Through Recycling

During a sluggish economy and a renewed focus on environmentalism, Texas based computer maker Dell Inc. will save $8 million with a new plan to reduce packaging materials over the next four years.

The new standards will save 150,000 trees. Dell said the initiative is part of a goal announced in 2007 to reduce the company's carbon emissions.

Ultimately, Dell will eliminate about 20 million pounds, or 10 percent, of packing material used to ship desktops and laptops.

The company said it is also using more recycled waste as shipping material.

The computer giant estimates it will convert almost two million milk jugs into cushioning for its Studio Hybrid desktop. In all, Dell expects to use 33 million milk containers for packaging in 2009.

The company said its goal is to increase "sustainable content" in packaging by 40 percent and make sure 75 percent of the components are recyclable by 2012.

"We're challenging every technology company to join us in implementing a global green packaging strategy," said Tod Arbogast, Dell's sustainability chief.

"In doing so, we will drive extraordinary environmental and cost savings for our businesses and customers while setting a new efficiency model for other industries to follow."

On Tuesday, Dell also introduced its Dell Greenprint Advisor, a free online reference for outside companies looking for advice on reducing their environmental footprint.


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