Mortgage Contracting Services Launches Mobile Technology for Inspection Services

January 8, 2009

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ — Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS),
provider of property preservation and inspection services to the mortgage
industry, today announced that the company has launched its mobile technology
platform that enables inspectors to upload information from the field in
real-time. MCS will be doing a phased rollout to the other field services,
including property preservation, but began with the inspection results due to
the increasing number of vacant properties on the market.

One of the biggest issues today, particularly for unsecured properties, is
the timely uploading of inspection results – namely photographs of the
property. MCS’ mobile technology enables inspectors to upload photos
immediately through software that is downloaded on any device with a camera,
including Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) or phones. While the company has
been providing this technology on laptop computers from the field, they wanted
to offer the same service via additional devices to make the process more
seamless for its inspectors and mortgage servicers.

“There’s no doubt that automating certain procedures can improve
efficiencies tremendously,” said Allan Martin, CEO of MCS. “Being able to
leverage technology to improve operations for our vendors and our customers is
paramount, as we have always been dedicated to streamlining operations to help
them operate more efficiently and profitably. The transfer of real-time data
is a huge benefit, one that allows our customers to make decisions faster, and
also enables our vendors to save time and resources by doing their work
immediately from the field.”

The typical inspection process includes having an inspector go to a
property, take photos and then return to his or her office, where the staff
downloads the inspection data and photos. Being able to immediately upload
from the field streamlines workflow, while also reducing errors that may occur
by having other office staff enter in the photos associated with specific

According to Andrew Rowlands, senior vice president of information
technology with MCS, “The data automatically uploads into our MCS360 system so
that all real-time information about a specific property is contained in one
single application. This is a huge differentiator – one that we will look to
expand on as we further our research and development efforts.”

About Mortgage Contracting Services

Founded in 1985, MCS is a national property preservation company.
Services include property inspections, property preservation, REO property
maintenance, hazard claims administration and valuation services. Working for
some of the nation’s largest servicers, MCS is recognized as the most
efficient and effective inspection and preservation company in the market,
having built a reputation as a result of focused-based performance,
specialized service and consistent service excellence.

For more information, please visit www.mcsnow.com .

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