Clarity Consulting Brings Interactive Design to Retail

January 12, 2009

Software-based solutions leverage Microsoft Surface multi-touch device to reduce costs and provide brand-differentiating consumer experiences

NEW YORK, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ — As the popularity of multi-touch devices (think iPhone) continues to rise, a compelling business opportunity is developing to use this technology as a key differentiator and money maker. To illustrate how retailers can take advantage of this trend, Clarity Consulting Inc. today unveiled new Interactive Design applications created specifically for retail and multi-touch. Designed to engage consumers in everything from product customization to purchase and up-sell, the interactive applications help improve the consumer experience and differentiate a retailer’s brand while driving sales and loyalty.

On display at the National Retail Federation’s Annual Expo (Retail’s BIG Show) in New York City, January 12-13, these new applications will be showcased on a Microsoft Surface device to provide a true sense of how they would function in a live, store environment. Microsoft Surface turns an ordinary tabletop into a vibrant, interactive, multi-touch surface. Featuring a 30-inch diagonal display housed in a table-like form factor, Surface provides effortless access to digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects.

Clarity’s Interactive Design applications — when combined with Surface or other multi-touch devices — enable consumer exploring, learning, creating, buying and much more. Specific examples include:

    1. Purchase & Up-Sell -- The Interactive Gift Registry
    -- Perfect for home or department stores, Clarity's Interactive Registry
       application takes an often under-utilized piece of a retailer's
        business and makes it more engaging and profitable.
    -- As a bride, groom or expectant mother selects their gifts they collect
       product cards, which they drop onto the top of the Surface device.
       Full pictures and product info appear and the registrant can organize,
       drag and drop the products into their registry bucket.  Once completed,
       they can then send emails to their friends with their registry info.
    -- The gift buyer can print out the email, bring it into the store, and
       place it on the Surface device.  Instantly, they will see a visual
       display of the registry along with automatic updates of the items
       available for purchase plus suggestions for complementary items.
    -- For example, if a bridge registers for dishes, the Interactive Registry
       might also show the latest chargers that match.
    -- The "show vs. tell" component of the Interactive Registry makes the
       process more engaging, simpler and fun for both registrant and gift-
       giver.  It also encourages purchase and up-sell, while setting apart
       the retailer from the competition.

    2. Customization -- Design & Buy Application
    -- Created for a clothing or accessories retailer, Clarity's Design & Buy
       application engages consumers in the creation/customization of their
       product to encourage additional purchases and brand loyalty.
    -- Originally designed for a children's clothing store, the Design & Buy
       Application lets kids design the images or patterns on t-shirts, jeans
       or accessories.  The child simply picks out a clothing item then pulls
       up the image of the item on the Surface device.
    -- Next, they choose the colors and graphics they like, and "drop" them
       onto the clothing item to see how it looks.  If they like it, the image
       is printed on the clothing item right there -- in store.  If not, they
       can try again.
    -- The interactive, customization provides a new way for retailers to
       reach out to consumers, letting them participate in the design and
       delivery of their product.

“Now more than ever, retailers need to give consumers a unique reason to buy, and buy from them versus the competition,” said Gary Gilmer, Principal, Retail Technology, Clarity Consulting. “Technology can be a key asset, but only if it’s engaging and easy to use. Clarity’s Interactive Design applications featuring Microsoft Surface are just that. The software and hardware combination gives retailers a cutting-edge solution that delivers a better customer experience and drive store traffic today, while invigorating and reinforcing brand differentiation for years to come.”

About Clarity Consulting Inc.

Clarity Consulting Inc. develops, customizes and implements software solutions to help clients achieve their unique visions and drive business results. Clarity’s versatile and talented consultants specialize in application development, business intelligence, legacy integration and e-commerce websites for a range of clients, from retail and manufacturing industries to financial institutions. Clarity Consulting Inc. is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. For more information about our company, our people, and our solutions, please visit www.claritycon.com.

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