Engine Yard Introduces New Cloud Offerings

January 14, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Engine Yard today introduced its
answer for the application-related problems of computing in the cloud: Engine
Yard Solo and Vertebra. Together, these offerings tackle the challenges of
developing, deploying, managing, and securing large-scale applications for the
cloud. Solo lets customers take advantage of cloud services today, while
Vertebra “future proofs” for the clouds of

“The cloud is still an evolving market, with lots of promise, and the
potential for proprietary lock-in,” said Tom Mornini, CTO of Engine Yard. “We
believe the cloud must not balkanize and it must be accessible to everyone.
Engine Yard is focused on building bridges, so that customers can take
advantage of all clouds. And we give them a complete cloud application
lifecycle plan to do this.”

For two years Engine Yard has specialized in Ruby and Rails application
deployment by providing premium deployment services for over 400 customers on
in-house hardware. Engine Yard Solo now extends this expertise to companies of
all sizes by offering their services for deploying applications on the Amazon
Web Services cloud.

Vertebra is the first complete, open platform for developing and managing
secure cloud applications. Initially built to automate, scale, and manage
customer applications running on Engine Yard’s own cloud, Vertebra has
broadened into a powerful framework for building cloud-specific applications.
Engine Yard has released Vertebra as open source to foster a collaborative
approach to elastic application development.

“Engine Yard’s approach to the cloud fills in some critical gaps in cloud
computing platforms today,” said Mike West, vice president and analyst at
Saugatuck Technology. “They’re addressing issues such as lock-in, security,
scalability, and overall manageability that are key to adoption.”

Solo: Engine Yard’s Ruby Expertise in the Amazon Cloud

The new Solo offering is built on Engine Yard’s battle-hardened experience
hosting hundreds of applications on the Company’s own internal cloud. By
coupling Solo with Amazon EC2, Engine Yard has lowered the price point for
customers that want an entry-level service plan without sacrificing the tried-
and-true Engine Yard stack.

    With Solo, customers benefit from:
    *  Engine Yard's years of experience deploying Ruby on Rails applications
    *  Amazon's elastic cloud infrastructure
    *  Seamless automated deployment tailored to running Ruby applications

Solo will be available on Amazon EC2 on January 28. In the future, Engine
Yard plans to extend its offering to other cloud platforms. For more
information, visit http://engineyard.com/solo.

Vertebra: A Platform for the Cloud

The idea behind Vertebra is to orchestrate effective communication and
coherent operations among many autonomous agents in many clouds. It is
designed for programmers and system administrators who want to write
functional, scalable and, most importantly, manageable applications for the

Vertebra can be used for automating the cloud as well as for writing
distributed, real-time applications. The platform stands out because of its
ability to embrace the differences of many clouds and to automate processes
and application management.

    Vertebra's features include:
    *  A powerful, standard XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)
    *  A security and discovery agent to manage security policy
    *  A process automation agent to orchestrate operational tasks involving
       both machines and people
    *  A system provisioning registry to allow your applications to become
    *  A federated design that allows applications to operate seamlessly and
       securely in a manner not unlike Internet e-mail
    *  Distributed auditing/logging capabilities
    *  Distributed job control for operational awareness

An early release of Vertebra is currently available for download at
http://vertebra.engineyard.com. It is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public
License (LGPL).

About Engine Yard

Engine Yard provides the platform and expert support for deploying Ruby
and Rails applications to the cloud, giving customers the peace of mind and
stability needed for building sites and applications on demand. Engine Yard
has a track record of hiring expert talent and fostering open-source
innovation, including creating, sponsoring and/or supporting projects like
Rails (http://www.rubyonrails.org), the Merb (http://www.merbivore.com),
Rubinius (http://www.rubini.us), and Vertebra (http://vertebra.engineyard.com)
projects. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Engine Yard was founded in
2006 and is backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, and
Amazon.com. Visit http://www.engineyard.com.

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