New Poll Reveals Grandma Robinson’s Move to White House Will Have Huge Impact on Leadership — and the American Family

January 14, 2009

77% of grandparents surveyed say Obama will be a more effective president as a result.

83% say her presence will redefine the importance of grandparents in the American family.

65% believe more families will follow the Obamas’ expanded family structure based on current economic challenges.

NEW YORK, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ — According to a new poll released today by Grandparents.com, three-quarters of those surveyed say incoming President Obama and First Lady Michelle, will be more effective in the White House knowing their kids are being cared for by their grandmother, Marian Robinson.

Robinson’s recent announcement that she will move into the White House to help care for the grandkids has shed the national spotlight on multigenerational living and the value of grandparents to the American family.

“Close to 6 million grandparents live in the same home as their grandchildren,” says Amy Goyer of Grandparents.com. “And Marion Robinson in the White House validates the contributions that grandparents across the country are making to their families.”

More than 64 percent of those surveyed believe current economic challenges will force more generations to live together. More than 50% of respondents who share a home with their grandkids say it is because of the financial realities faced by their adult children. But according to Goyer, a former AARP spokesperson and expert on grandparenting and multigenerational issues, the benefits go way beyond cost savings.

“In multigenerational households, grandparents tend to be central figures in their grandchildren’s life,” says Goyer. “Kids get a daily dose of family history and culture, they get extra special attention. President Obama gets it!”

This poll was sent out to 50,000 Grandparents.com readers. For complete poll results, or to schedule an interview with Amy Goyer, contact Lynn Munroe at 845-548-1211 or lynn@grandparents.com and visit www.grandparents.com for full coverage.

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