January 22, 2009

Go Daddy Launches Online Marketplace

Internet Domain registrar Go Daddy Group Inc. is launching an online marketplace even though Web retail sales are slumping.

The Go Daddy Marketplace, which opened on Tuesday, will allow users to list as many things as they want for a $5 monthly fee, and a 10 percent commission on products that sell.  There has been no advertisement launch by the company yet, apart from a link near the top of its home page.

According to Go Daddy's executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Barb Rechterman, hundreds of sellers have listed tens of thousands of products so far on the service.

The Go Daddy Marketplace is still considered small compared to the millions of available items listed through eBay Inc. and Amazon Inc.  The day after the launch, you could buy items ranging from iPod accessories to silver jewelry, but searches for various consumer electronics, DVDs and musical instruments showed little results.

Rechterman still said that the company's home page has "tremendous amounts" of traffic, and they hope this new service will bring buyers and sellers.  The Go Daddy site averages 2.3 million visitors per month in 2008, according to comScore Inc.

Also, even though the economy is on a down hill spiral, Rechterman thinks it is a good time to start such a service, saying that merchants are hungry to sell their products.

"Businesses need to do business," she said.


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