Mimosa Announces Turn-Key ‘Move to Mimosa’ Legacy Migration Program for Customers to Replace Their Legacy Archiving Solutions

January 27, 2009

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Mimosa Systems, a leader in
next-generation email and file archiving solutions, announced today a new
turn-key migration program for customers that are facing the limitations of
their first-generation email archiving solution and want to move to Mimosa
NearPoint(TM). Mimosa NearPoint is the industry’s most comprehensive
unstructured information management software for email, files, and instant
messages — enabling archiving, eDiscovery, storage management, and recovery
in a unified solution. The new “Move to Mimosa” Legacy Migration Program
enables customers of first-generation archiving products to seamlessly upgrade
to the next-generation Mimosa NearPoint platform, and combines bundled
migration services at a significant promotional discount.

For the Cologne Germany-based transportation and logistics company, Hafen
und Guterverkehr Koln AG, its legacy email archiving solution from Symantec
was not delivering the protection they required for their employees. “We
needed to ensure that our email data was both protected and searchable without
fail,” said Sebastian Schmitz, IT administrator, Hafen und Guterverkehr Koln
AG. “After already working with our existing solution, we opted to switch to
Mimosa NearPoint. Its comprehensive features, including disaster recovery
right out of the box, were everything we were looking for in an archiving
product. Switching was a clear choice and we were up and running with zero
production impact to our Exchange environment.”

“Legato a first-generation email archiving solution was not able to meet
our expanding requirements for electronic discovery, end-user search and
disaster recovery,” said Douglas Blackburn, email administrator, Orange County
Sheriff Department. “After hearing about Mimosa NearPoint we took a closer
look and found that it truly was a next-generation solution that could address
all of our current and future requirements in a unified solution. Its
self-service search is very powerful and because it doesn’t require journaling
or agents on our Exchange Server it never impacts production performance like
our old solution did. It’s simply the best choice for our organization when
it comes to comprehensive email archiving.”

The “Move to Mimosa” Legacy Migration Program

Customers of legacy archiving products face challenges due to the lack of
performance and scalability, impact on Exchange servers, and high cost of
operations. They are dissatisfied because of gaps between actual performance
and what they were promised, the staleness of the technology, and feature
limitations that they experience. The “Move to Mimosa” Legacy Migration
Program has been designed to help customers quickly embrace the value of
today’s most powerful next-generation email and file archiving solution,
Mimosa NearPoint. With aggressive pricing and complimentary services, the
migration program will enable any organization to jump-start a more
comprehensive archiving strategy without downtime. The program includes:

    -- A 50 percent license discount on Mimosa NearPoint until the end of June
       2009 for customers replacing a first-generation archiving solution.
       Mimosa NearPoint includes:
       -- Next generation archiving of email, instant messages, public
          folders, calendars, and contacts with deep integration with Exchange
          and Outlook
       -- Flexible and granular retention management
       -- Intuitive and powerful eDiscovery
       -- Seamless end-user search and browse of archived email
       -- Instant search and access to email that has been protected, archived
          and extended via a standard Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web Access
          user interface
       -- Integrated data protection and recovery for full database recovery,
          mailbox recovery and individual message restores
       -- Unprecedented scalability and availability based on grid
          architecture that leverages commodity servers and storage
       -- Zero footprint on production Exchange Servers of desktops
    -- Free Migration Strategy and Solution Design from Mimosa Professional
       Services to transparently migrate archived content into Mimosa

Mimosa is working with “Mimosa Certified Partners” worldwide that have
developed methodologies and practices for seamless upgrade and transparent
migration with zero downtime. These partners have core expertise in email and
file archiving and work with customers to export content from legacy archives
and import that content into the NearPoint archive. Key areas of focus

— Strategy for switching and migration based on customers use of legacy
archiving and environment

— Efficient migration of large volumes of contents including any
available metadata and context

— Address legacy stubbed content in a structured manner that does not
result in temporary storage growth

“As a value added solution provider of email archiving solutions, we
commonly see customers who implemented a first-generation email archiving
solution which is no longer meeting their needs,” stated David Klein, CEO of
Instant InfoSystems, an Elite Partner of Mimosa Systems. “For those
companies,” continues Klein, “the ‘Move to Mimosa’ program offers an ideal
opportunity to seamlessly migrate to Mimosa’s next-generation NearPoint
platform in a manner which is both cost effective and protective of the
company’s existing archived content.”

“Mimosa’s premiere content archiving solution in combination with
Procedo’s leading data archive migration software will drive immediate value
for customers who need to seamlessly transition from their legacy solutions,”
said Joe Kvidera, CEO of Procedo. “Customers can no longer afford to deal
with the complexity and performance issues associated with first-generation
offerings. With Mimosa NearPoint customers have the benefit of a
comprehensive information management offering enabling archiving, eDiscovery,
storage management, and recovery in a unified solution.”

“We are pleased to partner with Mimosa Systems to deliver comprehensive
content archiving solutions that leap frog first-generation offerings,” said

Antoine Berthier, CEO of Optrium, leader in archiving solutions integration.
“With Mimosa we will deliver a new breed of archiving solutions and bundled
services to provide mutual customers with a seamless migration path from
legacy solutions with zero impact on their production environment.”

“We are facing more and more demand from customers who want to replace
their archiving solutions from companies including Autonomy, Symantec, EMC,
and Quest and eliminate the pain, cost and risk they have experienced with
legacy email archiving solutions,” said Christophe Culine, senior vice
president of worldwide sales, Mimosa Systems. “To help, we have introduced our
‘Move to Mimosa’ Legacy Migration Program with aggressive pricing and packaged
services so that customers can quickly benefit from the true value of a
next-generation archiving solution like Mimosa NearPoint for content
archiving, eDiscovery, business continuity and storage consolidation.”

For more information on the “Move to Mimosa” Legacy Migration Program and
its participating partners, please visit:

About Mimosa NearPoint

Mimosa NearPoint addresses critical customer requirements around email and
file archiving, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, business continuity, and
storage optimization in a unified solution. Mimosa NearPoint provides legal
search workflow, employee supervision, immediate mailbox and message recovery,
disaster recovery, email, instant message and file archiving, and self-service
search and access in one solution. By leveraging cost-effective storage and
advanced classification rules, NearPoint also optimizes content storage and
reduces overall infrastructure costs.

About Mimosa

Mimosa Systems, Inc. delivers next-generation email and file archiving
solutions for information immediacy, discovery, and continuity. Mimosa
NearPoint is the industry’s most comprehensive unstructured information
management software solution for email, files, and instant messages, enabling
archiving, eDiscovery, storage management, and recovery in a unified solution.
Mimosa is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for its competencies
in networking infrastructure solutions, ISV/software solutions, and advanced
infrastructure solutions. Mimosa was founded in 2003 and is based in Santa
Clara, California
, with offices in Canada, France, Germany, the United
, Japan, China, Australia, and India. For more information, visit

                                Mimosa Systems
                             3200 Coronado Drive
                        Santa Clara, California  95054

Mimosa, Mimosa Systems, and Mimosa NearPoint are trademarks of Mimosa
Systems. All other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their
registered owners.

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