Optenet Delivers Security Appliance to Enable Service Providers to Block Known Illegal Web Sites

January 27, 2009

WOLF allows providers to cost-effectively identify and block illegal Web sites for its customers

MIAMI, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Optenet, a global IT security company and provider of high-performance content filtering solutions, today announced the immediate availability of a new cost-effective and easy-to-deploy appliance that enables service providers to block access to known illegal and illicit Web sites. WOLF can be quickly and easily added to a provider’s network, serving as an important initial step toward full-featured Web security.

In response to growing worldwide pressure to hold service providers responsible for the content traveling over their networks, WOLF is an advanced Web filtering product which utilizes internationally accepted lists from various organizations and government bodies to enable service providers to identify and block Web sites that have been categorized as illegal (e.g. child pornography, human trafficking, etc.). Filtering these sites at the network level can help service providers comply with pressure from international communities to eliminate access to illegal content and provide customers with a more secure online experience.

“We are already experiencing tremendous demand for WOLF throughout the EMEA and APAC regions,” said Joel Silberman, Optenet’s vice president of North America. “While future regulations in North America may require all service providers to block this content, utilizing WOLF today enables service providers an immediate competitive advantage by being able to offer their customers a safer, cleaner Internet experience.”

Using lists from various organizations and government bodies such as the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), WOLF checks all Web access requests against a combination of lists containing illegal sites and blocks access as necessary. It is a highly flexible solution that allows additional blacklists to be added as the need arises or future regulations dictate.

WOLF is designed to meet the current international standards being established by countries like France, England and Australia and is flexible enough to support future legal and regulatory requirements as well as voluntary responsibility efforts. Service providers can utilize WOLF to identify what they deem as unacceptable sites, meet regulations, offer parents assurance that children are not exposed to the worst-of-the-worst Internet content and protect all end users from inadvertent access to potentially harmful content.

“As an industry, we have the knowledge of which sites are harmful or illegal and now we have the technology to block this content and protect vulnerable minors from exposure to potential harm. It’s time for all Internet service providers to consider purging their networks of these Web sites,” added Silberman.

WOLF is the latest milestone in Optenet’s ongoing effort to protect children from illegal, dangerous or inappropriate content on the Internet. This commitment is made evident through specific Optenet products, as well as through support of government agencies and non-profit organizations who share this mission. Optenet is an active member of several Internet anti-abuse organizations such as the Internet Watch Foundation and the In-Hope network, and has funded Protegeles a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the protection of minors.

About Optenet

Optenet is a global IT security company that provides high-performance content filtering solutions to service providers and large enterprises worldwide. Optenet’s technology protects 75 million end users around the globe, including the customers of many of the world’s leading ISPs and mobile operators, as well as employees of global enterprise organizations. The Company is a socially conscious organization, committed to eliminating illegal content on the Internet, protecting children and supporting government agencies and non-profit organizations that share the same goal. For more information, visit www.optenet.com.

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