January 28, 2009

Americans, Scandinavians Lead In Tech Usage Ranking

A report released on Wednesday shows that the U.S. and Scandinavian countries top the annual rankings on the usage of telecommunications technologies such as networks, cellphones and computers.

Fifty countries were measured on dozens of indicators, including technological skills and usage of communications technology by the Connectivity Scorecard, created last year by London Business School professor Leonard Waverman.

The new indicator showed there was plenty of room for improvement in infrastructure and usage in all countries.

"The focus has been on infrastructure, but the added investment in teaching was essential if countries wanted to boost competitiveness," said Professor Ilkka Lakaniemi, head of global political dialogue at telecom network gear maker Nokia Siemens Networks, which commissioned the study.

The last spots on the list of 25 developed countries were mainly filled with countries in eastern and southern Europe such as Italy, Spain, Greece, and Poland.

Malaysia topped the list for developing countries with help by good co-operation between the public and private sectors. Last year's leader, Russia, was bypassed by four other countries as well.

Lakaniemi said Malaysia has invested heavily in infrastructure and has since attracted more foreign companies than its neighbors have.

Reuters reported the ratings for top 10 "innovation driven economies" measured in the study, scale 1-10:

  • SWEDEN 7.47
  • DENMARK 7.18
  • NORWAY 6.51
  • BRITAIN 6.44
  • CANADA 6.15
  • AUSTRALIA 6.14
  • SINGAPORE 5.99
  • JAPAN 5.87

Following are indexes for top 10 "efficiency and resource driven economies," scale 1-10, but not comparable with indexes for innovation-driven economies.

  • MALAYSIA 7.07
  • TURKEY 6.71
  • CHILE 6.59
  • MEXICO 5.39
  • RUSSIA 5.37
  • ARGENTINA 5.14
  • BRAZIL 5.12
  • COLOMBIA 4.08
  • BOTSWANA 3.98


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