Hotels Create New Revenue Streams with ICE by Intelity

January 30, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ — The 76,000 jobs lost within the
hospitality industry in November alone* reflect how more than ever hoteliers
are having to look for ways to increase revenue while reducing labor and
cutting expenses. These tight times make ICE by Intelity, the smartest in-room
electronic concierge and operations monitoring system, a wise choice. Despite
the current state of the economy, hospitality decision makers still want to
provide guests with memorable stays and exceptional service while being
mindful of costs. ICE’s groundbreaking technology is part of the solution to
prosper in lean times while increasing guest satisfaction in original ways no
hotel could implement until now. The system allows hoteliers to make
confident, real-time decisions based on true business intelligence and hotels
are able to dramatically reduce expenses through the implementation of ICE

Benefits to Guests

With occupancy levels decreasing, ICE by Intelity provides an essential
competitive advantage. Consumers as a whole are drawn to products that make
life easier. From making restaurant reservations and ordering room service to
confirming airline departures and receiving notifications of a clean room, ICE
grants guests with a superior way to plan stays effortlessly in the room with
touch-technology or on the go. ICE is a sleek, streamlined system that uses
fluid, multi-touch screens and virtual narrators, all of which combine to
create a high level of engagement. In addition, guests can even access the
system on any personal device such as a cell phone, laptop or smartphone.
Guest satisfaction and overall enjoyment are heightened because of increased
amenity exposure, control and interaction.

Benefits to Hoteliers

During a challenging period, implementing quality assurance measures in
hotels is vital. The ICE solution streamlines operations via its Quality
Assurance monitoring system. The system’s clear feedback, from housekeeping
schedules to amenity usage rates and restaurant wait times to analysis of room
service orders, allows hotel management to quickly and easily maximize hotel
efficiency and reduce unneeded labor expenses. The ability to change prices
and content puts this feedback to use immediately, achieving real cost
savings. ICE allows hoteliers to manage more efficiently by enabling
forecasting, planning and day-to-day control over the entire hotel through one
centralized operations solution.

In choosing IT products, hotels must look to the rate of return on
investment. ICE prides itself in providing continual ROI through increased in-
house reservations, from restaurant to spa, increased upselling and average
check. ICE also offers non-invasive advertising, another revenue stream,
targeted to the guest. The return on the customer-centric knowledge ICE
compiles is improved decision-making and targeted marketing and messaging.

The ICE solution eliminates many of the hotel’s current time-intensive,
paper-driven processes. With hotels spending an average of $200 per room on
printing compendiums each year, this solution provides tremendous value in
print cost reductions.

For fractional and vacation ownership management, ICE offers increased
rates of sales conversions and tour attendance, all of which boost a
property’s revenue stream daily.

Value is what ICE brings to a hotel or timeshare – for both the guest and
the management team. This continued emphasis on usefulness and return is what
makes installing ICE a stellar decision especially given the current economy.

For an on-screen demo and more information, visit www.IntelityICE.com.
Interested hoteliers and timeshare managers can call toll free 1-888-REV PAR 1
to speak with an ICE hospitality expert for more information on sales, pricing
and exciting upcoming ventures.

About Intelity Corp: Intelity, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is a
hospitality software solution company focused on the self-service marketplace.
Founded in 2006, Intelity is establishing itself as the leader of in-room
guest service technology, quality assurance feedback and direct consumer
marketing within the hotel and resort segments. The Company’s current and
future success is driven by four fundamental values: Be creative and innovate;
aim for product excellence; elevate the image of our brands with passion; and
be an entrepreneurial organization. Intelity is moving toward realizing the
strategic goal of brand and product diversification by leveraging business
relationships and opportunities with global hotel brands and management

* Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

SOURCE Intelity Corp

Source: newswire

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