GiftBerry.org Slashes Credit & Debit Card Fees for Schools and Charities!

February 5, 2009

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — www.GiftBerry.org has established special credit and debit card rates of as little as .62% (debit card w/ key), which allows the non-profit to save thousands per year in transaction fees.

Best of all, www.GiftBerry.org, a non-profit software provider to schools and charities, has introduced a free online way for those charities and schools to transact all donations, pledge drives, auctions, tuition, (and almost anything else you can think of), directly to their bank, without a middleman taking a cut.

Charities & schools currently pay up to 20% “commission” on donations received through online third party “for-profit” companies like Firstgiving.com, NetworkforGood.org or cMarket.com.

Even if the charity or school has a credit card option at their office, rates and fees of up to 6% per transaction are not uncommon.

“We usually spend over $28,000 per year on fees, over-ride charges and weird add-ons, but now GiftBerry is here, and at no cost,” reports Janet Crane, Asst. Director of Charity Yearn in Los Angeles, “we could never quite figure out how to use the other system, and they kept charging us, which cut deeply into our event budget.”

www.GiftBerry.org, the leader in online philanthropy software, has been creating free online solutions for charities and schools since 2005, and is now expanding into the business-giving network, offering a way to give products and services online.

www.GiftBerry.org is also remarkable, being the only paperless, green solution for all charities and schools,” reports Kevin Hincker, co-founder of GiftBerry, “if the charity has access to the internet, GiftBerry will save them thousands.”

www.GiftBerry.org turns the failed business model of companies selling software to charities and schools upside down, by providing a suite of services, at no cost to the charity. “There are many other for-profit companies out there that provide small pieces of the charity needs, in a sometimes a complicated way,” notes Hincker, “GiftBerry fits all the pieces of the puzzle together in a simple way.”

Donations to schools and charitable organizations as well as yearly fundraising, pledge drives, and gala events all generate the operating budget for a charity. With GiftBerry.org, automating the giving process reduces man-hours, and re-focuses the energy of the non-profit back to their original mission.

Charities can even help their local businesses donate products and services online, thereby benefiting greatly from www.GiftBerry.org, with a free online marketplace to automate their donation fulfillment of cash, products or services.

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