February 6, 2009

Microsoft Unveils Celeb Gossip Site

Thursday, Microsoft opened their latest website known as Wonderwall, an online entertainment and celebrity news site.

Wonderwall is a joint effort between MSN and BermanBraun, a media company based in Santa Monica, California.

"Wonderwall offers people an engaging and visually dynamic perspective on the day's hottest pop culture stories, personalities and trends," MSN and BermanBraun said in a statement.

The main feature to the Web site is a wall of pictures of celebrities with links to stories, photo galleries and video.

The wall of pictures can be scrolled through horizontally like flipping through a magazine.

Other features on the site include news and picture categories like "Top Celebs" and "LOL Pics," which are funny pictures of celebrities from around the Web.

"Wonderwall offers a clever, thought-provoking and amusing voice to fans of celebrity and is a great addition to MSN's portfolio of entertainment content," said Rob Bennett, general manager of network programming for MSN.

Celebrity and entertainment news is amongst the most popular subjects for Web surfers to search.


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