Photos: LoJack Corporation Launches Solution for Tracking and Rescuing People at Risk of Wandering

February 10, 2009

LoJack SafetyNet Answers Growing Need to Help Protect Those with Cognitive Disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Autism

WESTWOOD, Mass., Feb. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — LoJack Corporation (Nasdaq: LOJN), today took a major step forward in executing its diversification strategy as it launched LoJack SafetyNet, which answers a critical market need for solutions that track and rescue people at risk of wandering, including those with Alzheimer’s, autism, Down syndrome and dementia.

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Currently 5.2 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s with as many as 16 million cases expected by 2050. Wandering, the most life-threatening behavior associated with Alzheimer’s, affects 59 percent of patients and 45 percent of those cases end tragically in death if the person is not located within 24 hours. Additionally, autism, which is the fastest growing developmental disability that now afflicts one in every 150 babies born, can also cause children to wander.

LoJack SafetyNet, designed to protect these people at risk, is a multi-faceted solution based on LoJack’s April 2008 acquisition of the assets of Locator Systems. Locator Systems provided technology to Project Lifesaver International (PLI), a non-profit organization that since 1999 has developed a network of more than 900 law enforcement/public safety agencies nationwide, which have been trained and certified in the use of electronic search and rescue technology.

Since the acquisition, LoJack has enhanced the technology for greater durability, eliminated equipment costs for law enforcement and public safety agencies, and established a working relationship with Project Lifesaver International. Now, LoJack will leverage its considerable resources to take this solution to the next level: outfitting new law enforcement/public service agencies, ramping up manufacturing of the device and broadening the public’s awareness of this valuable service.

“This exciting diversification of our business delivers a much needed answer to the growing problem of people who are prone to life-threatening wandering; and it underscores our mission to provide highly effective recovery and rescue solutions that benefit both individuals and society at large,” said Ronald V. Waters, President and Chief Executive Officer of LoJack Corporation. “This offering is a natural extension of LoJack’s family of products and services and takes our solutions beyond ‘getting the bad guys’ off the streets to now protecting those afflicted with cognitive disorders by helping return them safely to their loved ones and caregivers.”

LoJack SafetyNet: The Most Comprehensive Solution Pinpoints Location

LoJack SafetyNet is comprised of a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) worn by the client, a Search and Rescue (SAR) Receiver for law enforcement, a database of key information about the clients to assist in search and rescue, 24×7 emergency caregiver support and mandatory training for law enforcement and public safety agencies.

A Personal Locator Beacon is placed on a wristband worn by the person at risk. The PLB constantly emits a Radio Frequency signal, which can be tracked regardless of where the person has wandered — even into a densely wooded area, a body of water, a concrete structure, or a building constructed with steel. The Radio Frequency signal enables police to pinpoint the precise location of the missing person using the handheld, portable SAR Receiver. The receiver can actually detect the Radio Frequency signal from the PLB within a range of approximately one mile in on-the-ground searches and 5-7 miles in searches by helicopter.

The database, a critical component of the solution, includes key information that provides insight as to where the person might have wandered if he/she goes missing, and provides searchers with a recent photo and other pertinent information. LoJack’s caregiver support organization is available by phone and e-mail and is accessible 24×7 for emergencies. In addition, LoJack’s team of law enforcement liaisons supports police and public safety agencies in the use of LoJack SafetyNet.

Expanding the Availability: LoJack to Create Awareness and Donate Equipment

LoJack will create awareness of the solution, and make it more accessible to people who need it. LoJack plans to roll out this solution to approximately 200 new law enforcement and public safety agencies across the nation over the next 12 months, which is based on need within a community and the interest of law enforcement and public safety agencies to provide this type of service. As LoJack does with its Stolen Vehicle Recovery solution, the company will now donate tracking equipment — SAR receivers — to law enforcement/public safety agencies that sign up and become part of the LoJack SafetyNet solution. The company will handle sales of the PLB directly to caregivers.

For law enforcement agencies that join the program, Project Lifesaver International will conduct mandatory training that includes teaching participants how to use the technology, gain the trust of and communicate with people who wander and ensure that caregivers are well versed in the program — all of which are essential to a successful rescue.

“Project Lifesaver is passionate about protecting those with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s and autism and we believe that LoJack SafetyNet is the best solution to do just that. We are so pleased to work with LoJack, which can make this much needed service more widely available to those in need,” said Chief Gene Saunders, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Project Lifesaver International. “LoJack’s proven track record in recovery and extensive relationships with law enforcement combined with our widespread law enforcement contacts and expertise in electronic search and rescue training make this the most robust solution on the market. Together our organizations can bring peace of mind to the families and caregivers of those afflicted with these conditions.”

LoJack SafetyNet is available in the U.S. and Canada. There is a $99 initial enrollment fee and a recurring $30 monthly service charge for clients in the program. For availability in your area, call 1-877-4-FINDTHEM (1-877-434-6384) or visit www.lojacksafetynet.com.

About LoJack Corporation

LoJack Corporation, the company that invented the stolen vehicle recovery market more than two decades ago, is the global leader in finding and recovering a wide range of mobile assets including cars, construction equipment and motorcycles-having recovered more than $5 billion USD in stolen assets worldwide. In today’s rapidly changing world, LoJack’s core competencies are more valuable and more relevant than ever as they are now being applied into new areas, such as the prevention, detection and recovery of stolen cargo and finding and rescuing people with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s and autism. LoJack has the proven processes, ultimate technology for recovery — Radio Frequency — and unique integration with law enforcement agencies, making its offerings the most effective solutions that not only deliver a wide range of recoveries, but also enhance the safety of the public on a global level. LoJack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery System operates in 26 states and the District of Columbia, and in more than 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. For more information, visit www.lojack.com.

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