CEVA Unveils Industry’s Highest Performance DSP Architecture for 3.5G/4G Terminals and Infrastructure SoCs

February 11, 2009

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — CEVA, Inc.
[(Nasdaq: CEVA); (LSE: CVA)], a leading licensor of silicon intellectual
property (SIP) platform solutions and DSP cores, today unveiled CEVA-XC(TM) –
the industry’s highest performance processor architecture designed and
optimized for advanced wireless communications. CEVA-XC builds on CEVA’s
strong heritage in developing DSP cores for cellular baseband, with more than
400 million CEVA-powered wireless handsets shipped to date. The fully
programmable DSP architecture supports full transceiver processing for
multiple air interfaces in software, including the most demanding 4G mobile
standards; LTE class 5 and WiMAX II (IEEE 802.16m), alongside 3G, 3.5G, Wi-Fi,
GPS and MobileTV.

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CEVA-XC is specifically designed to address the stringent power
consumption, time-to-market and cost constraints associated with developing a
high performance, next generation wireless communications processor. Utilizing
an innovative scalable and modular architecture, CEVA-XC addresses the precise
requirements of any 4G processor design, from handset terminals and mobile
broadband modules through to wireless infrastructure equipment.

Single-engine, low-power architecture suits battery-powered terminals

Designed as a unified and coherent architecture supporting advanced
wireless processing, CEVA-XC eliminates the need for heterogenic architectures
composed of multiple wireless coprocessors or accelerators which increase
cost, time-to-market and software design complexity in wireless SoCs. To
further cope with the stringent power consumption requirements, the CEVA-XC
core integrates an innovative Power Scaling Unit, supporting multiple clock
and voltage domains and low power operating modes, allowing developers to meet
power limitations while using a fully-programmable approach. These key
ingredients are coupled with a complete Integrated Development Environment
including an optimizing C compiler, emulators, ESL tools and comprehensive
software libraries to further reduce the associated integration effort and

Scalability delivers unrivalled performance for infrastructure

CEVA-XC builds upon the architecture of the CEVA-X(TM) DSP by
incorporating up to four modular Vector Units into the CEVA-X framework to
deliver processing power of up to 200 billion operations per second. This
performance level enables CEVA-XC to support multiple LTE/WiMAX channels in a
single core, surpassing any other DSP available today for wireless
infrastructure applications.

“As the industry moves closer to mass deployment of 4G technologies such
as WiMAX and LTE, software-defined processors are emerging as the basis for
the next generation of wireless chipsets”, said Will Strauss, founder and
president, Forward Concepts. “With the CEVA-XC communications processor, CEVA
has leveraged its strong background in wireless baseband to deliver a highly
innovative, single-core DSP architecture offering breakthrough levels of
performance and power consumption for programmable 4G modem design.”

“To keep pace with the relentless growth in consumer demand for media-
rich, bandwidth intensive content on-the-go, wireless handset and
infrastructure designers require a flexible, yet power-efficient and cost-
effective baseband solution for their next generation 4G chipsets,” said
Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA. “CEVA-XC delivers the performance and
scalability to address the precise requirements of multi-standard 4G terminals
or infrastructure equipment. With a unique single-core, programmable
architecture, our latest DSP supports the emerging wireless standards in
software and raises the industry bar in terms of power efficiency and
performance for next generation wireless applications.”

Strong heritage in developing DSP cores for wireless applications

In developing the CEVA-XC communications processor, CEVA has leveraged
more than 20 years of experience in high-performance programmable DSP cores
for portable applications. The CEVA-X DSP at the heart of the CEVA-XC
architecture is one of the industry’s leading DSPs deployed in HSDPA and WiMAX
chips. Today, CEVA’s DSP cores are shipping with four of the world’s top five
handset manufacturers; Nokia, Samsung, LG Electronics and Sony Ericsson.

CEVA-XC: A scalable and configurable architecture

CEVA-XC is CEVA’s first DSP core dedicated for communications processing.
This fully programmable architecture is optimized for the most demanding
wireless applications, capable of handling LTE class 5 and WiMAX II complete
transceiver paths on a single core, supporting the most aggressive profiles
including multiple antennas schemes such as MIMO 4×4. To reach these
performance levels, the CEVA-XC architecture incorporates 1, 2 or 4 Vector
Units within the CEVA-X architecture. Each vector unit consists of a 256-bit
SIMD engine using 3-way VLIW and a large array of 16 MAC, arithmetic, logic
and shift units. An optimized instruction set handles the requirements of
wireless modems, including matrix processing, MIMO detectors, filtering,
complex data permutations and bit stream processing.

The CEVA-XC DSP offers full inherent DSP support, enabling efficient
control and data flows for a wide range of DSP tasks and data types, both
vectorizable and scalar. This use of a native DSP architecture enables
powerful C-level compiler support and dramatically simplifies software
development effort. The CEVA-XC architecture also offers a number of optional
instruction sets which further enable designers to reach the optimal balance
of performance and cost in their design.

    CEVA-XC Key Features
    *  Native programmable DSP architecture, optimized for wireless
       communication applications
       o  Up to 4 Vector Units, each a 256-bit SIMD engine using 3-way VLIW
       o  General Computation Unit, supporting general DSP and control
       o  Complete memory subsystem including tightly coupled memories (TCM),
          caches, emulation and profiling modules and AXI system interfaces
    *  Extremely powerful computation capabilities
       o  Up to 64 16x16-bit MAC operations, 128 16x8-bit MAC operations
       o  Up to 64 arithmetic and logic operations per cycle
       o  Up to 400 16-bit operations in a cycle
    *  Uniquely designed for baseband processing
       o  Comprehensive instruction set for most advanced maximum-likelihood
          (ML) MIMO detectors
       o  High flexibility in operations and data using a unique SIMD
          programming model with intra-vector permutation capabilities
       o  Configurable utilization of optional instruction sets for optimal
          balance between performance and cost
    *  Ultra low power design optimized for mobile devices
       o  Up to four times more power efficient than general purpose DSPs
       o  System level Power Scaling Unit enables speed and voltage scaling at
          high level of granularity, including processing units, memory
          subsystem, TCM and caches
       o  Supports multiple power-down modes, minimizing both dynamic and
          static power consumption

Development Tools and Support

As with all CEVA DSP cores, the CEVA-XC architecture is supported by a
robust Software Development Tools that include an optimizing C-compiler, IDE,
debugger, simulators and profiler. In addition, CEVA offers optimized DSP and
communication libraries, to allow the licensee quick and easy application
development. The development tools run on Windows, Solaris and Linux, and are
supported by a worldwide customer service team. These development tools are
well proven in the field by numerous licensees and partners.

To learn more about CEVA-XC, visit http://www.ceva-dsp.com/4G


CEVA-XC is currently available for licensing to select customers. For more
information, contact sales@ceva-dsp.com.

About CEVA, Inc.

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., CEVA is a leading licensor of silicon
intellectual property (SIP) platform solutions and DSP cores for mobile
handsets, portable and consumer electronics. CEVA’s IP portfolio includes
comprehensive solutions for multimedia, HD audio, voice over packet (VoP),
Bluetooth and Serial ATA (SATA), and a wide range of programmable DSP cores
and subsystems with different price/performance metrics serving multiple
markets. In 2008, CEVA’s IP was shipped in over 300 million devices. For more
information, visit http://www.ceva-dsp.com/


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