February 12, 2009

Facebook Labeled Most Popular Social Site

The website Compete.com has labeled Facebook the most prevalent social networking website, leading the numbers with its 1.2 billion visits in January alone.

The Internet-tracking company published the social-networking rankings that note once first place MySpace had fallen to second place in the last year while Twitter leaped to third place from last year's 22nd.

News Corp-owned MySpace had 810 million hits in January, and Twitter saw 54.2 million, states Compete.

"No surprise here," commented Compete reader Bauer Wednesday in a chat room at the firm's website.

"Facebook has evolved much better and always has something new to offer. I don't get Twitter though, I don't think people care to read live updates on what percentage of my burger I've eaten."

The popularity of an Internet site is calculated by how many visitors frequent the site and how long they stay there.

Facebook and Twitter have seen large increases in both while MySpace traffic and duration has stalled and fallen in the past year, says Compete.

"MySpace is still the clear number two player in the big categories, but its trends in some key areas aren't quite so dominating," Andy Kazeniac of Compete stated.

"At least in those areas, they could be looking up at more than Facebook soon."

Flixster, Linkedin, and Tagged were given fourth place through sixth place, each growing from January of 2008.


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