Introducing Dogtronics(TM), the First Comprehensive Line of Interactive Dog Toys That Stimulates a Dog’s Natural Instinct to Play

February 12, 2009

ORLANDO, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Canines all across America will have
something extra special to sit up and woof for this spring with the arrival of
Dogtronics(TM), the first comprehensive line of interactive dog toys that
incorporates electronic light, sound and motion to enhance a dog’s natural
instinct to play. Developed by Worldwise, Inc., Dogtronics
(http://www.dogtronics.com) was introduced today at the Global Pet Expo and
will be available nationwide beginning in April.

“Dog owners love spending quality time with their dogs – now their
playtime together can be more stimulating, engaging, and most of all fun,”
comments Matt Turnbull, CEO of Worldwise, Inc. “With Dogtronics, we’re taking
the experience and expertise we’ve developed with our successful line of
electronics cat toys to create a new kind of interactive experience for dogs
and their owners on a scale that’s never been done before.”

The Dogtronics Product Line: An Interactive Toy for Every Dog

With Dogtronics, Worldwise is the first company to offer a comprehensive
line of electronic interactive dog toys that crosses the most popular dog toy
categories, including plush, rubber, rope and balls. All 20 products within
the Dogtronics line are easily identified by color-coded tags and icons which
specify their light, sound or motion features.

Dogtronics effectively improves the traditional toys that dogs and their
owners have loved for years by safely adding electronic components that
enhance and exaggerate their unique play benefits. Each product is designed to
physically and mentally stimulate dogs through interactive features that
activate and engage, while providing pure fun for dogs.

From balls that flicker light when rolled to large plush animals that jump
and jitter when activated, Dogtronics toys appeal to a dog’s natural desire to
play, chase, hunt and socialize, resulting in greater dog and dog owner

When engaging their dog with a Dogtronics toy, owners can participate more
meaningfully in their dog’s life through dynamic play while better enjoying
the rewards dog ownership brings, including companionship, responsibility,
better health, and fun.

About Dogtronics(TM)

Dogtronics is a comprehensive line of electronic, interactive dog toys
that incorporates light, sound and motion features to provide an engaging,
fun, and beneficial experience for dogs and their owners. Launched in February
, by San Rafael, CA-based Worldwise, Inc, Dogtronics is committed to
bringing innovation, value and variety to the growing interactive pet products

About Worldwise(R), Inc.

Founded in 1990, Worldwise, Inc. is a leading innovator in the pet
products industry, offering a comprehensive line of products that satisfy the
needs of pets and their owners. Worldwise is guided by the principle of
sustainability. Its mission is to offer environmentally responsible products
that work as well or better, look as good or finer, and cost the same or less
as alternative products. Wherever possible, Worldwise innovatively uses
recycled or sustainable resources and fashions them into high-quality pet
products available at leading retail stores throughout North America. By
making its products accessible, affordable and attractive to consumers,
Worldwise is changing the way Americans think about the look, feel, price and
performance of environmentally friendly products.

SOURCE Worldwise, Inc.

Source: newswire

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