Addintools’ Ribbon Customizer Makes Office 2007 Easy and Personalized

February 12, 2009

HAINAN, China, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Addintools Technology Ltd.
announced today the launch of Ribbon Customizer. It is the first developer to
research the Classic Menu, and they have spent almost one year in developing
Ribbon Customizer for Office 2007.

When working with Office 2007 for the first time, some users become
confused when trying to find common toolbars and buttons, etc. Even after a
long time, users can still waste time looking for them, meaning work
efficiency can decrease sharply. Luckily, Classic Menu for Office 2007 helps
users get used to the interface of Office 2007 immediately without tedious
learning. This software provides the familiar Office 2003 menus and toolbars
for Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint 2007. Despite Microsoft
improving the features of Office 2007 and making it more powerful, the
interface of Office 2007 is so different with Office 2003 that some are
reluctant to give-up Office 2003. There is a Chinese proverb that says “you
can’t eat your cake and have it,” but now with this software you can enjoy the
powerful Office 2007.

It is amazing that Ribbon Customizer for Office 2007 not only includes
Classic Menu for Office 2007 but also allows users to customize menus,
toolbars, tabs, groups and other controls on the ribbon. According to the
unique design, users can make the interface of Office 2007 more personalized
and more convenient. It is a really good experience to create our own private
ribbon that makes work easier, faster and happier.

Some new menus, toolbars, and ribbons designed by the user can be based on
their use and demands, and are truly helpful in improving work efficiency.
Though customizing is good for work, customizing may not be fit for all users.
If one pursues their personalization or wants to greatly improve their work
efficiency, or they would love to design and create, this feature may do them
significant favors. While to most common users, Classic Menu may be good
enough for their work.

    For more information, please contact:

     Lin Jie
     Addintools Technology Ltd.
     Tel:   +86-898-6676-8619
     Email: support@addintools.com
     Web:   http://www.addintools.com

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