Adivent Wins Major Sales Outsourcing Account With WiTech, the Leading Italian Provider of Next-Generation Wireless Networks and Services

February 12, 2009

Adivent to expand WiTech’s sales reach throughout Europe, Middle East and North America

BERN, Switzerland and PISA, Italy, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Adivent (http://www.adivent.com), a sales outsourcing company focused on the telecom and technology markets, has been selected by Italian telecom vendor WiTech to expand the company’s sales reach throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America. The three-year deal is the largest contract ever for Adivent and marks the expansion of the firm’s services outside of the European market.

“Having built a strong success track record for its solutions and services focused on the Next-Generation Wireless Networks/Next-Generation Wireless Services (NGWN/NGWS) within the Italian telecom market, WiTech is now ready to grow its business through expansion across Europe and by entering high-growth markets in the Middle East and North America,” said Gianni Burzi, managing partner at Adivent. “Because of our proven, performance-based business model, WiTech requested that Adivent establish sales teams outside of Europe at a much faster pace and lower cost than building in-house teams.”

WiTech offers a range of solutions and services focused on NGWN/NGWS solutions, with a focus on Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) and standard technologies, like 3G/HSXPA, WiMAX and 4G/LTE.

On the solution side, the company is engaged in the development of specialized decision support tools for BWA applications, including WIMAX/LTE, that are capable of performing thorough technical-economic analyses of wireless initiatives in an integrated manner. The solutions also help in the development and integration of innovative Business Process Management (BPM)-enabled, next-generation OSS/BSS frameworks and components, allowing more automation and better control of key telecommunications processes. WiTech is one of first companies that has developed advanced solutions to address the WiMax Virtual Network Operators market.

Its consulting and engineering offerings are based on in-depth expertise providing telecom operators with high-value services, ranging from strategic consulting on investment plans to engineering services for network design and radio network planning.

Having established itself as a leader within the Italian wireless market, with clients that include Retelit SpA, Brennercom SpA, Freemax SpA, Infracom SpA, along with international customers Harris Stratex Networks and BluWan , WiTech will expand globally to help wireless operators operate more efficiently and drive improved revenues.

“Wireless operators around the globe are looking to increase business and create a competitive differentiation with broadband solutions that are economic, reliable and easy to deploy,” said Andrea Calcagno, CEO at WiTech. “Expanding our offerings into new wireless markets around the globe would be extremely time-consuming and expensive to complete in-house. With Adivent, we hit the ground running with a thorough process for analyzing, developing and conducting sales campaigns that are based on performance and leverage existing relationships with many of the leading telecom operators in the world. Adivent’s services are truly unique and much-needed by emerging companies looking to accelerate sales and growth.”

Adivent offers a new alternative that streamlines the sales and operations process and allows telecom suppliers to quickly establish a sales presence in Europe – and now with the WiTech deal, in North America and the Middle East – at a fraction of the time and cost it typically takes using traditional methods. Adivent allows firms, like WiTech, to closely monitor potential customers and identify new sales opportunities without the unpredictable costs and high risks involved in setting up a local sales force. It provides a complete turnkey service to quickly ramp-up a sales team that has an extensive network of telecom relationships, certified sales skills and a proven track record of success. The services are backed by a Service Level Agreement that guarantees fees are only charged after pre-determined results have been delivered. In addition, Adivent offers complete transparency into sales campaign progress and direct access to and directional input with its new sales force.

About Adivent

Adivent offers a highly defined set of sales outsourcing services designed to help telecom vendors increase sales among the leading service providers in Europe, North America and the Middle East. Based on its extensive network of contacts, certified sales skills and proven track record, Adivent assumes much of the risk small- to mid-sized software and hardware suppliers’ face when establishing a new sales organization or channel strategy. From targeted sales research and coaching to channel partner and sales force deployment, Adivent helps customers develop sales strategies and operational sales forces that are focused, results-driven and leverage years of experience selling into the largest telecom providers in Europe. For more information visit: http://www.adivent.com.

About WiTech

Founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the University of Pisa, WiTech has emerged as a leading telecommunications consulting, engineering and solutions company within the emerging Next-Generation Wireless Networks/Next-Generation Wireless Services (NGWN/NGWS) market segment, with a focus on Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) and advanced standard technologies like 3.5G/HSXPA, WiMAX and 4G/LTE. Its value proposition addresses key parts of this market segment, in particular: green field and challenge operators; new equipment vendors, software tool vendors, and support solutions to traditional consulting and engineering companies and solution providers. For more information visit: http://www.witech.it

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