February 19, 2009

Nintendo Bringing DSi To US In April

Nintendo on Wednesday announced plans to bring its newest portable video game system to the US on April 5.

Offered in October in Japan, Nintendo's DSi is an improved model of its popular DS portable device. The new model will feature two digital cameras and the ability to play music, which Nintendo hopes will make it a strong competitor against Apple Inc's iPod and iPhone models.

The new model also features a larger screen.

Players will be able to use the new camera to put images of themselves into certain games.

It can also be used to change the facial expressions of the people in the pictures.

The DSi features an audio player that also gives users the ability to change the speed of sound from music stored on their memory card.

In a demonstration last year, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata showed that players are able to listen to a foreign language lesson at a slower speed, or distort music or voices to a shrill pitch for fun.

Based on the original design of the DS, the slimmer DSi includes a memory card slot for users to store photos, music and games, which players will be able to purchase and download through the device's Wi-Fi wireless connection.

The DSi will be available in two colors - black or blue - and will be introduced at a price of $169.99 each. The DS Lite, its predecessor, costs $130.

"Ever since the arrival of the first Game Boy, consumers worldwide have turned to Nintendo for their portable gaming," said Nintendo America marketing vice president Cammie Dunaway.

"DSi builds on Nintendo's commitment to bringing fun and creative entertainment to everyone, and will allow consumers to personalize and share their very own experiences,"


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