kgb Launches National Tour to Answer America’s Questions and Find Out What America REALLY Wants to Know

February 25, 2009

National Texting Tour Will Introduce 542542, kgb’s Text Answer Service and Collect America’s Questions in the Process, Learning What Americans Are Worried About, Laughing About and Talking About

NEW YORK, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ — kgb, (www.kgb.com), the creator of the 542542 (kgbkgb), the new text answer service, recently kicked off an 18-market quest to find out what Americans really want to know. A squad of highly trained kgb Special Agents will be traveling the country in a fleet of special kgb Squad Cars over the next six weeks to introduce consumers to their new 542542 text answer service. From all the questions the traveling squad of kgb Special Agents collects, kgb expects to find out what America really wants to know. The tour (http://kgbkgbtour.com/) made its first stop in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and will continue on to 18 other locations (itinerary below) in an effort to find out which questions Americans most want answered.

At each location kgb Brand Ambassadors — kgb Special Agents — will visit high traffic areas, local events, sports arenas, concert venues, and the hottest bars and night spots to find out what residents of every tour city want to know by introducing them to kgb 542542, the text answer service that will answer any question in minutes.

The kgb 542542 text answer service will answer questions on any topic, including these actual questions that came in yesterday (**answers at the end of the release):

  • A) What is the best standard team in Madden 09 for Xbox 360 and why?
  • B) What will happen if I get hit in the tibial nerve?
  • C) How much is one night’s stay in the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas?
  • D) What makes someone popular?
  • E) What color should I paint my car?
  • F) What Oliver Stone movie did the Washington Post dub Dallas in wonderland?

What all these questions have in common is that they can be sent via text message to 542542 (kgbkgb), the number for the kgb text answer service, where a specially-trained kgb Special Agent is waiting to provide a quick, accurate answer.

“kgb is available to answer any question — ranging from trivia, to the practical, to the philosophical — 24/7,” said Bruce Stewart, CEO, kgb Digital and Mobile. “Our kgb Special Agent tour is designed to showcase the benefits of kgb service to our consumers by encouraging them to ask us anything. One interesting by-product of traveling the country to answer America’s questions is that we are getting some fascinating insights and a sense of what America really wants to know via text. We’ll be tracking the incoming questions and keeping our users posted on the questions we collect. Is Dallas really more likely to ask questions about football and is Houston more likely to ask questions about science and math? We’ll be keeping track.”

The kgb 542542 text service combines the power of the company’s best-in-class knowledge database with the judgment and skill of a specially-trained community of agents — kgb Special Agents — who provide quick, accurate responses to any question. Users receive real-time responses to questions any time, day or night, from any cell phone.

In January, kgb launched its flagship text answer service, 542542 (kgbkgb), along with a suite of information services that deliver information via text, web, and mobile applications. This launch followed the success of kgb’s similar “Ask Us Anything” premium text answer service in the United Kingdom.

About kgb

kgb (www.kgb.com) is a privately held, New York-based company and the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services. Founded in 1992 with the name INFONXX, the company changed its name to kgb in 2008. During its fifteen year history, kgb has built some of the most successful and recognizable retail brands in the telecommunications and enhanced information services sector in Europe, including The Number 118 118 in the United Kingdom and Le Numero 118 218 in France, both of which have the largest market share in their respective markets. kgb is also the largest and fastest-growing independent wholesale directory assistance service provider in the U.S.

kgb has pioneered the provision of a broad range of wholesale and retail information services beyond traditional directory assistance services, including call completion, movie listings, train schedules, price comparisons and “Ask Us Anything” service across multiple platforms, including mobile and landline phones, SMS and the Internet. In 2008, kgb won the Pelorus Award for the Best Text Directory Information Service in the United States. Last year kgb served more than a hundred million consumers globally and answered nearly a billion questions.

          2009 kgb Special Agent tour stops:
    Date                                    Market
    2/22 - 2/24                             New Orleans (Mardi Gras)
    2/27 - 2/28                             Dallas
    3/3 - 3/4                               Austin
    3/6 - 3/7                               Houston
    3/10                                    Nashville, Tenn.
    3/12 - 3/14                             Panama City, Fla. (Spring Break)
    3/17                                    Tampa (St. Patrick's Day)
    3/18 - 3/19                             Miami
    3/20                                    Daytona Beach
    3/23                                    Atlanta
    3/25                                    Raleigh/Durham, N.C.
    3/27                                    Washington, D.C.
    3/28                                    Philadelphia
    3/29 and 3/31                           Boston
    4/1                                     Hartford, Conn.
    4/2 - 4/3                               New York City

**Here are the answers kgb provided to the questions above: A) The New England Patriots have the highest overall team score of 97 followed by the Dallas Cowboys with a 96; B) This can lead to Tibial Nerve Dysfunction causing, numbness, tingling or burning in the foot or knee; C) For a single bed room, after tax, the lowest rate found at the Westin Galleria, Houston, is $186.03; D) The secret to popularity is not being interesting, but being interested. Others like attention; E) The most popular car colors are blue and silver. We vote for blue, there are many beautiful shades; F) Post reporter George Lardner Jr. dubbed Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’ “Dallas in Wonderland” in a 1991 article.


Source: newswire

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