Apple iPhone Users Join the Fight Against Parking Tickets

February 26, 2009

Beat Your Ticket Without Leaving Your Car

NEW YORK, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Apple’s iPhone does so much more than make phone calls. It’s so cool it might help you get out of a parking ticket!

Parkingticket.com today announced full compatibility of its online service with the Safari web browser on the Apple iPhone, enabling an iPhone user to immediately contest a parking ticket the moment it is issued. The iPhone, combined with its versatile camera revolutionizes the way people can now fight back against predatory ticketing using the parkingticket.com website.

“Imagine, you come back to your car from dinner and find a ticket on your windshield and you were positive you had parked legally. Now, without even leaving the scene, you can use your iPhone and begin to fight your ticket. You react instantly to a ticket using your iPhone,” explains Glen Bolofsky, President of parkingticket.com.

The process begins by navigating the iPhone’s Safari browser to the parkingticket.com website where you’ll find a straightforward means to fight a parking ticket; whether the ticket was issued in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. Simply register for a free account and choose the city in which the ticket was issued. Enter your ticket and vehicle details then answer a few quick questions. The detailed process takes about ten minutes, from A-Z. To allow easy entry of your ticket, a look-a-like parking ticket is displayed – for your specific city – with interactive functionality.

Thanks to iPhone’s camera, parkingticket.com suggests the recipient snap lots of photos including: the actual sign, a full perspective of the entire street showing all the signs and the actual street address of where the ticket was issued. “Multiple photos’ can help you win the case,” says parkingticket.com.

To have parkingticket.com prepare a guaranteed dismissal request letter customers post 50 percent of the fine amount at the onset of the process. If parkingticket.com is successful in assisting you in getting the ticket dismissed, then the upfront deposit is retained by parkingticket.com. If, after a hearing, the parking ticket fine is reduced, rather then dismissed, parkingticket.com retains half of the amount you saved and refunds the balance. After the hearings take place, if parkingticket.com is unsuccessful in getting the ticket dismissed or reduced they will not only refund the posted payment, but also pay you an additional $10.00 just for trying! So, now, iPhone users will get paid to fight their tickets if they are not dismissed or reduced.

About parkingticket.com:

Established in 2001, parkingticket.com helps individuals fight against unfair parking tickets. Employing the help of retired police and Parking Violation Bureau Judges, parkingticket.com guarantees customers tickets will be dismissed or reduced or they pay nothing for the service. Now, with their brand new “get paid to fight your ticket program,” customers will make money if their tickets are not dismissed or reduced after the hearing process is complete.

SOURCE parkingticket.com

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