ICE System (Intelity ICE & iGoLogic iGo-ICE Panel PC) Elevates Hospitality Customer Technology

February 26, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Intelity Corp, a Florida-based IT firm, today announced at Digital Signage Expo 2009 in Las Vegas, Nev., that it has partnered with Fremont, Calif.-based company iGoLogic to offer the in-room, all-in-one integrated infrared touch-panel PC powered by the latest Intel(R) embedded Atom CPU technology. The new and revolutionary in-room concierge and back-end monitoring system organizes, tracks and measures all hotel activities with a touch of a screen. The Interactive Customer Experience Solution (ICE) with iGo-ICE Panel PC brings state-of-the-art technology interaction to guests and hoteliers in an effortless way.

ICE with iGo-ICE Panel PC offers a level of modernity, ease of use, durability and amenity inclusion never before seen in the hospitality industry. ICE seamlessly serves as the liaison between guest interaction and hotel service systems, linking the entire hotel together.

Intelity founder David Adelson says, “As a former hotelier, the benefits ICE with iGo-ICE Panel PC provides to a property are astounding – allowing instant adjustments that immediately boost the bottom line.”

For guests’ ease of use, iGoLogic iGo-ICE Panel PC is placed in each room. Intelity ICE is a sleek, streamlined way for customers to plan their stays. The system uses rich video, fluid infrared touch screens and virtual narrators, which creates an all-new level of engagement. ICE accommodates multiple platforms, so guests can access amenities on any personal electronic device.

ICE’s Quality Assurance System provides hoteliers with insight to more cost-effective operations by revealing unneeded expenses. ICE provides the hotelier a high level of insight into staff performance and guest habits from any computer, anytime. Hotel activity is tracked and measured, then presented in informative charts, graphs and reports, allowing for swift budgetary and operational decisions.

Intelity has designed ICE to bridge the hotel’s existing point of sale, food and beverage, spa, recreation and event planning systems. It links into hand-held devices for real-time service personnel communication, and complete customization options allow for limitless integration. ICE’s system components are supplied by iGoLogic, Microsoft, and Adobe, creating ease of use, familiarity and security for in-house IT staff.

For an on-screen demo and more information, visit www.intelityICE.com. Interested hoteliers and timeshare managers may call 1-888-REV PAR 1 to speak with an ICE expert regarding sales, prices and exciting upcoming ventures.

About Intelity Corp: Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Orlando, Fla., Intelity is a leader of in-room guest service technology, quality assurance feedback and direct consumer marketing within the hotel and resort segments. Visit www.intelitycorp.com for more information.

About iGoLogic: iGoLogic, headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif., is one of the best industrial solution providers in the Industrial PC and Touch Screen Panel PC fields. For more information, please visit www.igologic.com & www.igopanelpc.com or call 510-252-9388.


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