Foxmarks Launches Xmarks.com: Web Discovery and Smarter Search Powered By Over Half a Billion Bookmarks

March 2, 2009

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., March 2 /PRNewswire/ — DEMO 2009 CONFERENCE –
Foxmarks, the number one bookmark synchronization add-on with more than 14
million downloads, today announced the first bookmark-powered web discovery
engine, Xmarks (www.xmarks.com). Powered by over 600 million bookmarks, Xmarks
uses the “wisdom of crowds” to bring valuable site information and
recommendations directly into the Web browser and onto the Google search
results page.

Xmarks helps users discover the best sites on the Web based on what
millions of people are bookmarking. The Xmarks browser add-on adds new
discovery features to the category leading bookmark sync features that
Foxmarks is well known for. In addition to unveiling Xmarks, Foxmarks
announced that its company name is changing to Xmarks, Inc.

“Search is by no means done. There is a lot of innovation ahead,” said

Chris Shipley, executive producer, DEMO. “Xmarks works within the well known
search ecosystem to cut through the clutter and bring the web’s best sites
into the spotlight – Xmarks makes search smarter.”

Bookmark-powered Web Discovery

Xmarks analyzes over 600 million bookmarks to help users discover the best
sites on the Web. Highlights of the new Xmarks service include:

    -- Site Info: Xmarks provides detailed site information for the best sites
       on the Web, showing you how many people have bookmarked that site as
       well as user reviews and ratings.
    -- Similar Sites: Xmarks shows you a list of related topics and similar
       sites, all based on how millions of people have organized their
    -- Topic info: Xmarks uncovers the top sites for any given topic, allowing
       you to explore great sites across a broad array of categories.

Smarter Search

Xmarks delivers an exciting innovation in web search by providing detailed
site information right on the results pages of today’s leading search engines.
Xmarks works with Google, Yahoo, and Live Search, automatically highlighting
the three best search results based on bookmark popularity.

“Xmarks is the natural evolution of our bookmark sync product used by
millions,” said James Joaquin, CEO, Xmarks. “We’ve created a powerful and
unique way to discover the best of Web, and we’ve seamlessly linked it to your
Google search results.”

The Xmarks.com web site is available now. The Xmarks browser add-on is
available now for Firefox, with support for Internet Explorer and Safari
expected in early Q209.

For more information and to discover the best of the Web, visit

About Xmarks, Inc.

Formerly known as Foxmarks and founded in 2006 by Todd Agulnick and Mitch
of Lotus Development Corporation and Mozilla Foundation fame, Xmarks is
a browser add-on that helps consumers find and discover the best sites on the
Web. Xmarks is powered by over half a billion bookmarks and provides users
with free bookmark backup and sync across computers. With Xmarks you can even
access your bookmarks anytime, anywhere via the web or a mobile phone. Xmarks
CEO James Joaquin was formerly the CEO of leading Internet companies Ofoto.com
and Xoom.com. The company is headquartered in a beautiful eco-friendly
building in downtown San Francisco. For more information visit www.xmarks.com.

SOURCE Xmarks, Inc.

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