March 2, 2009

Nokia Investigates Early Problems On New Phone

Just days after Nokia launched its touchscreen 5800 mobile phone in the U.S., the company is already investigating reports of the phone's users having problems.

The phone has already been removed from shelves in two stores.

According to BBC News, the problem with the device is when it is trying to make connections to the 3G networks.

A spokeswoman for Nokia told BBC news, "A small number of devices are not connecting with 3G networks and we are looking through that right now."

However, she said the phone continued to be sold in "certain network areas."

Only the European version of the Nokia 5800 is on sale at the New York and Chicago stores.

At the New York store, sales agents are telling customers that the phone has a "little issue" and they are "not being sold at all while the problem is being looked into."

The 5800 Xpress Music phone was launched in the U.S. by Nokia last Friday, and the device has been described as the firm's response to the iPhone.  Over a million of the phones have been sold in Europe already.  The European version is not a 3G phone, but is still being sold and is unaffected by the problems, according to BBC News.

Nokia said in a statement that the issue was "a very isolated problem concerning only the North American market and is not specific to any other region or country."

The company added, "Nokia is investigating the issue. Existing customers of the 5800 Xpress Music who experience 3G signal issue with the device are advised to contact Nokia Customer Care."


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