Caringo Awarded Patent that Strengthens Long-Term Content Integrity

March 4, 2009

Transparently upgradeable hash assures authenticity for compliance

AUSTIN, Texas, March 4 /PRNewswire/ — Caringo Inc., the leading provider of clustered storage software for accessing, storing and distributing content, today announced that it has been awarded the US Patent for transparently upgrading a hash algorithm for assuring data integrity and authenticity. Caringo’s CAStor software allows organizations to implement storage clusters for unstructured data or content objects providing for long-term archiving and protection of digital business assets. This patented technology enables them to seamlessly and transparently update the hash employed to digitally authenticate stored records.

The hash algorithm calculates a digital signature or fingerprint for data and the resulting digest is used to prove the authenticity of data in storage or an archive over time. The MD5 hash algorithm is the most often used hash, but was compromised by software engineers that were able to create two files with different content that computed the same hash digest. This effectively rendered MD5 as no longer sufficient to guarantee the authenticity of data files to meet regulatory requirements. Customers must be able to upgrade the hash algorithm to ensure ongoing compliance. With CAStor customers are able to select a newer, more sophisticated hash, which applies to all new records entering the system as well as updates the signature for all previously stored content.

“Technology must continually evolve to meet new data protection and security requirements especially where there’s potential for fraud,” said Mark Goros, Chief Executive Officer at Caringo. “The burden of proving digital records authentic falls on the shoulders of organizations, both public and private and CAStor allows them to ensure they are able to address compliance and evidentiary mandates today and in the future.”

CAStor is object-based storage software that seamlessly scales from 1Terabyte to Petabytes and is simple to manage due to its self-managing and self-healing cluster design. Its non-proprietary hardware approach provides customers flexibility and freedom of choice to build an affordable clustered storage infrastructure using standard, commodity server hardware. CAStor’s archive features ensure content authenticity, retention and integrity to meet government compliance and legal requirements.

About Caringo

Caringo Inc. is an innovative software provider focused on delivering the most advanced object-based technology for accessing, storing and distributing unstructured or file-based data. Its flagship product, CAStor, dramatically improves the scope and economics of content storage by enabling customers to implement robust storage clusters without being locked into proprietary hardware. Founded on the operating principle that things should be made as simple as possible and a customer-first focus, Caringo makes content and file storage affordable, scalable, fast and easy. More information can be found at www.caringo.com.

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