ZipHarvest.com Launches Innovative Online Tools for Home Gardeners

March 12, 2009

Getting started growing fruits and vegetables at home has never been easier

NORTHBOROUGH, Mass., March 12 /PRNewswire/ — ZipHarvest.com announces the launch of its website designed to help people successfully grow high-yielding home gardens. The site provides a set of web-based tools and features that greatly simplify and enhance the entire process of growing fruits and vegetables. Novice gardeners can select from a wide range of professionally designed gardens of various sizes and themes, while more experienced growers can design gardens using intuitive crop layout tools. Once chosen, a complete garden starter kit is delivered along with a customized online Garden Workbook with detailed instructions and information specific to the crops included.

The site includes information about a wide variety of crops and gardening techniques, a marketplace where growers can find local service providers to help with establishing or maintaining their gardens, and interactive community features that let gardeners exchange ideas and share successes.

“Our mission is to make home growing simple and more productive,” states founder and CEO Scott Warner, “by utilizing technology as a way for expert gardeners to share their knowledge with others. Our goal is to add at least 1 million new home growers each year which can ultimately impact global warming by reducing the distance from farm to fork, and help Americans become healthier and fitter by eating more vegetables. Nothing tastes better than freshly picked produce, and as more people, especially kids, get involved in growing they will establish a lifetime habit of eating better.”

“As consumers become increasingly aware of issues surrounding food safety, food cost, carbon reduction and sustainability, many are discovering home gardening as a fulfilling way to have a positive impact on their families and their communities,” says Paul Deastlov, Chief Operating Officer. “Our step by step process greatly simplifies the experience for new growers, introducing a unique approach in a market that has been more art than science.”

“ZipHarvest brings the freshness of a farmers’ market right to your backyard,” says Ken Ford, Director of Horticulture. “When you grow your own food, you know exactly what you are putting on your table, and you can even enjoy varieties not often available in supermarkets.”

ZipHarvest.com has partnered with the premier seed company Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Johnny’s offers the most respected seed product in the industry and the best assortment of varieties. Johnny’s Selected Seeds is an employee-owned company based in Winslow, ME.

“Johnny’s Selected Seeds’ mission is helping families and communities to feed one another,” said Lou Zambello, Director Sales and Marketing for Johnny’s Selected Seeds. “Johnny’s partnership with ZipHarvest continues this mission and provides extensive combined resources for gardening success.”

About the Garden Designer(TM)

This unique interactive online garden design tool enables users to select crops from a detailed crop library and lay out their gardens directly on the Web. Garden Designer automatically sizes crop beds, accounting for details such as required plant spacing. Plant and seed packet quantities, estimated yield, retail value, overall garden cost and many other values are calculated in real time. This advanced tool makes designing the perfect garden a breeze, and once done it’s easy to purchase a kit containing all the seed packets needed for the customized garden.

About ZipHarvest.com

Founded in 2007 with a simple idea; make growing highly productive home gardens simple and fun. ZipHarvest.com includes a host of unique and patent-pending features that bring together the science, technology, and art of growing produce in a single place.

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