New Website Focuses on World’s Need for Better Thinking

March 13, 2009

BestThinking.com launches on Einstein’s birthday to bring together the world’s best thinkers

CARY, N.C., March 14 /PRNewswire/ — BestThinking.com completes two years of development with a public launch on Albert Einstein’s birthday. Einstein’s passion for new thinking and collaboration is rekindled in BestThinking’s plan to bring together acclaimed experts and accomplished laypersons to address the challenges we face as individuals, communities and as a planet.

“The impact of knowledge is directly proportional to the ability for knowledge to be shared and improved,” said Bob Butler, founder and CEO. “We believe that existing approaches, from academic journals to Internet publishing websites, fail to deliver the full impact of a thinker’s ideas.”

BestThinking is an open access website focused on transparency and collaboration where identity-verified thinkers create, search and share reliable content and expertise. As its name suggests, BestThinking is for the wide variety of topics that have no certain conclusions, only the current best thinking of the best minds available. BestThinking joins Wikipedia and Google Knol as a place for people with a passion and expertise for knowledge-based content.

BestThinking believes it can overcome the challenges of other open access websites through its dedication to transparency, and by applying the latest thinking on content rating systems and enhanced peer moderation. Transparency at BestThinking means all contributors must have their identities verified and all editing, moderation, discussion and rating are done openly and on the record. “BestThinking is a place where people with expertise are willing to say who they are and stand up for the work they produce,” said Butler.

“The BestThinking content rating system limits bias and manipulation and represents a significant advancement over the commonly used 5-star rating system. Our peer moderation system provides recourse for contributors faced with moderators acting in bad faith,” said Todd Carlson, CTO. At BestThinking, a moderator’s rejection of a proposed revision can be appealed to other moderators. If a consensus cannot be reached, a new linked topic can be created representing supporting, dissenting, compromise or alternative viewpoints.

“BestThinking’s approach and technology will allow a broader base of thinkers to apply new thinking to the unprecedented challenges we face today,” said Butler.

About BestThinking.com

Bob Butler, founder and CEO, started BestThinking.com in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina in January 2007. Mr. Butler has nearly 20 years of c-level experience in technology, both at startups and large global corporations. He was most recently a COO/GM for LexisNexis, one of the world’s largest online content providers with over 4 billion searchable documents. LexisNexis is part of Reed Elsevier, a leading publisher of scientific, medical, legal, and business journals and websites. Previously, Mr. Butler was the founder and CEO of Time Matters Software, one of the most widely used information and document management systems in the US legal market.

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